13 Tracks, 13 Remixes

08 March 2010
13 Tracks, 13 Remixes
Artificial Horizon, the limited edition CD produced for subscribers to, is now released.

Running to 60 minutes, this exclusive CD features 13 tracks remixed by some of the world's leading DJs and producers. Including three never-before released tracks and two with very restricted previous release, here's a couple of lines from an early review by the editors at Mixmag:

'World beat flavour takes the song to totally different place.' (Elevation (Influx Mix) ); 'Makes U2 sound like another band entirely' (City Of Blinding Lights (Hot Chip Remix).

But what do you think ? Stand-out track? Most surprising mix? Song that sounds least like U2? Potential summer of 2010 dance-floor hit?

Add your reviews below.
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BAPTISTAPIRES - 08 March, 2010
I didn't receive the Compilation yet, but my dad has already listened the Magnificent (Falke Radio Mix) and he gets in Crazy while he is listening it, because the music and the rest of them are completely, no doubt, MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will see you in Sevilla and Coimbra!
carriemunky - 08 March, 2010
About time lol
My postman thinks i am nuts as every day i am at the door waiting like a little lost pup. Now all i need is the 360 dvd.
karenmikoyan - 08 March, 2010
Well, it promises to be interesting
i haven't get my CD yet, but i think it must be great! Hope :)
vweisbek - 08 March, 2010
I'm glad!
Do you know what? I love U2's remixes! I've got almost all remixes' albums...Thanks for your music guys! You're everything...
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