Like the rest of the band, Edge had his bags half-packed and was thinking about setting out on the next leg of the tour.

Edge Skyped in from New York earlier today, to let us know how everything is going.


26 May, 2010
Will be waiting for the new dates...
26 May, 2010
Dear Bono, While we are disappointed that the tour has been postponed, do not for one moment feel bad about that. Your focus now needs to be on getting yourself better. We're so grateful that the doctors have been able to set you be a "good boy" and do what they say... We're looking forward to the tour being "bigger and better than ever"!
26 May, 2010
one live, one back, one bono.... take the time... to become 125% healty . life is a train it makes the future the past... gr robert
26 May, 2010
Good morning :)
Here I am the first to make heartfelt comment and I've not yet been jump started with coffee. What do you say to someone half packed and obviously seriously affected by sudden twist of fate? Let's not make this all about Bono? Dear sweet, obviously traumatized, the EDGE-- I've got a bit of a beater for a car, but I can paint you a masterpiece! When do you suppose "Bono" will be available for the modelling session?
26 May, 2010
godspeed Bono
We all hope you recover quickly. Take it easy.
26 May, 2010
patience is good for the heart
i have a feeling that after week 5 or so of Bono's recuperation, that those closest to Bono are gonna have to get out the "chains" as Edge said, and "sit" on him so he heals correctly - LOL - i hope Bono listens to those who know him best (and the Dr.'s. too) - his global friends/fans aren't going anywhere, and besides, we can all use more patience on this little planet...hey Bono, heal brotha, heal...and heal well...and be whole...and, if you get irritated/agitated, well, isn't that how pearls are made - with a little irritation? great things can arise out of this adversity...
26 May, 2010
good luck
good luck Bono I hope to see you in Turin but most of all I hope you'll take all the necessary time to recuperate. I think 360° Tour is fantastic and more fantastic is U2 will to go on with incredible, fresh,wonderful music in all these years of artistic career. Thank you guys and please never stop make your music!
Padraic Heaney
26 May, 2010
Thanks Edge
Thanks Edge for the fill in, and best of luck recovering to Bono, can't wait to hear the new stuff, brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Bono, hope you are BACK to yourself soon!
26 May, 2010
Get Well Soon Bono
Good things come to those who wait. Waiting to see U2 in 2011 simply gives us all something to look forward to! Glad to hear you're on the mend :) God's speed.
26 May, 2010
Cheers The Edge
Thanks Edge for giving us a personal update on the man himself. Real shame for the North America U2 fans. Looking forward to Munich & all being well - no ash clouds, no strikes & no bad backs - we'll be travelling over from Scotland for the gig! Looking forward to the new songs & please play Bad - please!
c j shotton
26 May, 2010
Send my regards...
Thanks for the update Mr The Edge...and good luck trying to keep Bono from doing anything! Sending my regards...get well soon...
Jeanette Tang
26 May, 2010
Wishing Bono a speedy recovery
I have tickets for two, now postponed shows, and as much as it sucks, all that really matters is that Bono takes all the time he needs to get back to being 100% himself. As long as that might be, we know that our tickets are still good and you will make up the shows for us.
26 May, 2010
Time to Heal
Glad to hear Bono's home and resting, 'a sort of homecoming'. Be well friends.
Dominique Huyghe
26 May, 2010
big thanks
dont worry the fans will be there when you all 4 are ready to rock love ya from belgium bono take your time
26 May, 2010
Love and Hugs
Embrace the wake up Unknown Caller... The answer in every direction is Loving Kindness always...lots of Love and Hugs for all during this recuperation period especially Bono : ).
26 May, 2010
Rest and Restore
Thank you for posting this. So thankful Bono got the medical care he needed. The band, organization, road crews, etc. and all family members are in my thoughts and prayers. Edge, thank you for the update- the compassion and love you have for your friend is clearly evident. Bono- take comfort in the music of U2- it has gotten me through many difficult times in my life. Take the time required to recover fully and properly- Don't worry-we'll be here waiting with love in 2011- we just want you back-healthy and happy.
26 May, 2010
Thanks for the update Edge! You rock :
Great to hear so much info and to know that you guys will make sure Bono takes it easy and focuses on getting fully better. Listen to the doctors & your mates Bono!!! And don't feel bad about the tour Bono - we all love you so much and don't want that weighing on your mind. (((Hugs to Bono and the boys)))
26 May, 2010
Thinking of you
Things like this really put life into perspective, don't they. Glad to hear Bono is ok. Hope his recovery goes well and that he gets a well earned rest over the next while. Look forward to (hopefully) seeing U2 down under when you are ready and able, From a New Zealand fan.
26 May, 2010
Thx The Edge there x
This was really good Edge talking about Bono and i wish Bono all the best in his recovery because at the moment i am struggling with a bad back, i have 3 discs out in my back, i have just had epidural injects in mine and ive just started a intense physio programme.So hey Bono i know how you feel,ive had surgery in the past for exactly same thing as you and it is very important for you to take your recovery slowly and do what docs tell ya and Edge will be making sure chaining you down lol.i missed you Sheffield concert because of my back,still got the ticket unused :(,so i understand Bono is gutted but its important for you to get better for you, your family and for Edge, Larry and Adam, i love you guys and U2 fans are the best and they will all understand take care Bono...... love and peace xxx god i have waffled a bit there sorry x
26 May, 2010
Thank you so much for taking the time out to share the news with us that Bono is doing well. Wishing Bono all the best in his recovery as we are all thinking of him. I know that this will put a delay on the tour but we will be waiting patiently down under in Sydney Australia to see you guys come back and play the awesome shows that you do. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF BONO. x x
26 May, 2010
thanx guys!
thanx for letting us know that bono is dong fine under circumstances... pleas make sure he takes enough rest and follows doctors orders (make him listen to someone, just for once! hahaha) and we'll be looking forward to the new songs and the best most passionate show ever!! big hug from barbara
26 May, 2010
Thanks Edge
It is bittersweet to hear The Edge on KROQ and to see him in this video on I know many fans, including myself, who are so relieved to see the Edge pass some news along on how Bono is doing in a less formal way, and even with jokes too. But this actually made me think of how I'm not going to see him now until next year.... and it makes me miss seeing U2 on stage sooo much. I hope I still have the opportunity to see them next year.
26 May, 2010
Hi Edge Thanks for your kind message All the best to Bono I look very much forward to hear the new songs in Horsens Denmark :o) Anni
26 May, 2010
Thanks for that Edge.
Whenever I experience a setback I always think ... Well maybe its for the good in some strange way. If the tour had gone on it may have been much worse once Bono started with the acrobatic stuff on stage. He is quite physical up there on the stage. It could be (probably is) time to notch it down a little. Im learning a similar lesson at 42, having just had neuro surgery myself (16 days ago) for two replacement discs and a hunk of metal drilled and fixed onto my spine. Bono is 50 so: Hey Bono count yourself as luck man because really you are truely a very lucky guy! Get well Bono and do as the doctor tells ya. God Bless you all @ U2 From Luke Wheldon.
26 May, 2010
Get well soon...
Great interview. Get well soon Bono. Maybe 8 weeks rest will give you the chance to think about doing another Irish gig for your hometown????:)
26 May, 2010
Get better soon Bono
I was really shocked to hear the sad news about Bono's injury. I hope he gets better soon and that he does rest for the eight weeks. Its good to hear The Edge being positive. I hope to see Bono and the band in Paris in September. All the best Bono. Richard from England.
26 May, 2010
Bonne santé
Hi guys, Don't worry about the tour, we'll be able to wait few weeks or months. La santé d'abord!! Take care.. love from Paris
26 May, 2010
Thanks Edge.
Thanks Edge for the update, all our thoughts are for Bono and his recovery.xx
26 May, 2010
Time for healing
Edge, thanks for the news. Our thoughts n prayers are with Bono and you all. Do what the doctors say, Bono, and rest, rest and rest. We'll be patient and see you up there again soon enough. God bless.
26 May, 2010
Get well soon !
Bono please get on your boots ♥. ...and the countdown continues...only 100 days left !
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