Countdown Day 10

27 July 2010
Countdown Day 10
Countdown Day 10.

First of our U2.com videos from the road... well, the air. For the next few months we're on tour with the band across Europe.

Stay tuned. It all starts on Friday next week. Final call for all passengers.
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Dani_Vox - 27 July, 2010
October, come fast!
I'm waiting for U2 for eleven months. I can't wait to see U2 in Portugal :D
bobcaygeonmary - 27 July, 2010
Keep teasing - you know ..this forum...-OK ITS WORKING ! Toronto ..I'll be there - virgin concert for me & at nearly 50 myself - I am feeling the luv ! You guys rock . This is all so cool ! Mary XXXX0000
nkokic - 27 July, 2010
Torino - 10
I'll wait for you in Torino:-). Sending you all my love, natasa
mr ash - 27 July, 2010
Im ready,im ready for the laughing gas
10 days and we have lift again . Cant wait . Saw them in Croke park last summer .Absolutely brilliant .
mark&beck - 27 July, 2010
almost there
so excited.... can't wait for helsinki and moscow shows.... really missed glast10 -really hoping for some genuine surprises, new songs, different sets..... just being in the arms of the claw 360degrees -here's wishing everyone -band, crew and fans a HUGE time in Turino...... best of everything...
Chrischi69 - 27 July, 2010
Can't wait!
10 days - and then yahoooooooo! See you in Frankfurt and Paris! Stay Safe!
Old man Garvin - 27 July, 2010
What a video, took you all day to do that then???
Judith86 - 27 July, 2010
See you in 10 days!
And we'll be glad to see you again! We've missed you!
cianfa - 27 July, 2010
we will be here!!!!!!!!arriviamo!!!!!!!!!!!!antonio maurizio ascanio e gino!!!
cianfa - 27 July, 2010
we will be here!!!!!!!!arriviamo!!!!!!!!!!!!antonio maurizio ascanio e gino!!!
pepette - 27 July, 2010
Cool I'm waiting for the countdown like last year! Thanks :)
lisa_usa - 27 July, 2010
Anxiously awaiting !!!!
Looking forward to hearing the new material the boys will play...Can't wait !!! J & M & L (Adam's girls)
Val1 - 27 July, 2010
DAY 10
I wish everyone on the tour, going to the tour, listening at home at a set list party etc., the best time of their lives!
petermullen - 27 July, 2010
I am standing at the gate, and the excitement is pulsating throughout the terminal. It is sad to think that I will be left behind when they close the jetway, because I am ticketless. As the plane's wheels left the runway and the nose lifted towards the heavens, a tear formed in his eye...and he wept silently.
Yogic - 27 July, 2010
I'm on standby until July... All packed and ready for take off... Happy Trails ; ).
celticfc09 - 27 July, 2010
great vid... hope to see more of these in the next few days maybe some soundchecks?? and play Please!
U21310 - 27 July, 2010
Awsome!.. Wish you where back in the UK though.
bacidatorino - 27 July, 2010
this evening
before going home, I went in front of the Stadio Olimpico and seeing the craw... I'm not sure I can wait 10 days... I'm so lucky to live in Torino...
zooitalia - 27 July, 2010
we are waiting for you
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