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The Edge was the surprise guest of Muse tonight, at the end of a blinding set headlining Glastonbury.

After a pulsating hour-long performance, with the massive audience crowning Muse Kings of Glasto 2010, Edge walked out on stage for the encore - and the opening chords of 'Where The Streets Have No Name'.

'I can't believe this is happening, ' said Matt Bellamy, as Muse and their guest guitarist delivered a sensational cover of the U2 standard, joined by 140,000 festivalgoers on backing vocals.
At one point Bellamy gestured with his hand in the direction of Edge, before bowing low to his pedals in tribute.

A great end to a great set - and a fantastic Glastonbury reception for Edge.


27 June, 2010
& So the Glastonbury 40 dream was realised.Thank you & well done Muse & Edge-Your performance made me cry
27 June, 2010
There are really no words to descrie how epic the performance was! And what a surprise it was - of all U2 song they played this one! I still can't believe they play STREETS, the best live song ever written and performed! Just makes you wonder how great U2's performer would've been!
27 June, 2010
They did a great job, EDGE, such a gentleman Im sure it was a great evening, I had to settle on watching it on youtube. Cant wait till BONO is 100% and the U.S. shows are rescheduled.
27 June, 2010
SUPERB [massive black hole]
Absolutely fantastic set from muse and topped with The Edge and streets. Congrats to the bbc also for fantastic coverage
monica martino
27 June, 2010
Good but...
Only Bono can sing Streets!!! Great to see The Edge again :D
26 June, 2010
Until the edge of the muse
What a night! What an amazing thing!! I have just seen the performance through the web. It was a really big night with The Edge at Glastonbury. Finally, in some way U2 was there and I think Bono is happy. Larry and Adam, too. Come to Peru guys!!!!
26 June, 2010
Wow! I just can't beleve this!!, if i were there i could die in peace! for real.... I mean,... the two besr guitarist in the world + the two best bands are the perfect conbination.!!! That was just EPIC!
26 June, 2010
The Edge is Pure Class
The Edge is SO fantastic! I'm so glad he was there. It showed real solidarity.
26 June, 2010
Only U2
Only U2 should play Where The Streets Have No Name, no one else can match their standard.
26 June, 2010
Over The Top
SURPRISE it's Edge... Wouldn't you Be launched over the top? Fans are probably still hovering a bit... €: ).
26 June, 2010
I was absaloutley delighted to see the edge gurest with Muse at Glasto! There I was, sitting at home having a few beers, and then all of a sudden the familiar keyboard tones of "streets" comes on. I was expecting Muse to perform a fairly rousing version...then all of a sudden...HERE COMES THE EDGE! Awesome stuff, and has me really looking forward to seeing the lads as a full band in Vienna this August!
26 June, 2010
Just to say thank you
I was born in 1966. I came to know and love U2 after a cousin gave me Under A Blood Red Sky, for a Chritmas present in 1983. From then on I've been hooked as a fan. I've watched with pride as the band matured into what they are today. I know my story is much like those around the world. But. I hold them in the highest regard, as true musicians that bring us their gifts, time and time again.
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