'It is FANTASTIC! It's a GLORIOUS, HUGE photo book, with AMAZING pictures from the tour, and 2 CDs containing LIVE recordings at various venues. Bravo, U2, on yet another BRILLIANT subscriber-exclusive CD set. I LOVE IT!'

'U2 has really outdone themselves with this fan club gift! I had no idea that it would be LP-sized, so I was taken aback when I opened the package... '

'LOVE IT! This a grand slam for fan club releases. Excellent mixing of one song into the next. The songs flow seamlessly. The LP sized packaging was great. Picking a favorite song off of it is near impossible.'

'... beyond excited! Looking through the pictures took me back to the shows I saw during the tour and listening brought back some amazing memories. '

'Incredible! We picked the songs - you picked the most amazingly unique renditions for each one! U22 is a masterpiece. Good luck trying to make a better album! You've set a pretty high bar for yourselves.'

'I just got U22 and it's freaking awesome! Like being there!'

Got your copy of U22 yet ? Surprised ? Highlights? Bring back any memories ?

Let us know in the comments below... and tell us where you are in the world.

(Still waiting for your copy? Check out our  competition, U22 Unwrapped.)


09 June, 2012
not arrived here..
U22 have not arrived in western-norway yet..:/
09 June, 2012
Execuisite Package!!!
U2 has out done themselves again! Awesome collection of tracks and the book is very impressive on its own! Exceeded my expectations to say the least. Thank you to the band and the staff who put it all together!
09 June, 2012
Got Mine!
I just got U22 and it's freaking awesome! Like being there! I miss the band and can't wait to see them again. Until then, this is my lifeline!
09 June, 2012
Worth the wait
Got it delivered today here in the NYC area. The brouchure was artfully done and the CD mix sounds bright and clear. Brings back fond memories within the 360 inner circle. Thank you
09 June, 2012
Super sound!
Got mine about an hour ago....couldn't wait to start listening. It brings me right back to the concerts...which is what U2 is all about! Thank you!
09 June, 2012
Wow - Sound is great
U22 just arrived here in San Francisco and it is so beautiful. Thanks U2. Wow!!!
09 June, 2012
got it yesterday...june 8 2012
my youth pastor of 20 years celebrated his 22nd wedding anniversary and i get U22 in the mail...i have listened to it 3 times in its entirety and track order already and got my coffee and book of hymms and bells to listen to it for a fourth time 222pm my time...i love every track because each track is not on the 7 shows i saw on the tour nor are they ones i have seen on fan videos...a fundraising friend for our African schools passed away yesterday and so this albulm is really helping...the picture book is breathtaking...thank you so much giving us a collection to have forever...i still love buying all my music...i still love going to music stores to buy cds and live dvds...i have legally bought all my U2 fact i have 4 to 5 copies of most of their this age you can get music for free...even sadly probaly this albulm...there is nothing like buying music...i would have paid 500 dollars for this collection but thank you for making it only name is nate...and thank you to my wife elizabeth who bought me this for christmas...we went to an arts festival today and wanted to buy all the art in the world but she bought me such a bueatiful work of art and it sits forever in our home...God Bless...God is on the move as Bono says and we are rising above...i cannot wait fo see spiderman everyone at U2 and
09 June, 2012
Yes, I got it!
Have not taken a listen yet, but I love the packaging. It is much larger than I expected. Favorite part so far...the little blurbs about the songs in the back. These were written by Adam, and his remarks make this much more personal. Thank you!
09 June, 2012
What a lovely suprise!
Came downstairs this morning to find A PACKAGE FROM MY BOYFRIEND on the doorstep! I love you, Larry! Thank you!
09 June, 2012
Still waiting for U22 - can't wait to finaly receive it but have to. I'm hoping that it comes these days....
09 June, 2012
Thanks so much U2!
09 June, 2012
Got it today and it is excellent! Well done.
09 June, 2012
not yet :(
I'm still haven't found what I'm looking for (in my mail box)... I can't hardly wait..!!!
09 June, 2012
Not yet!
The pony express is slow to deliver. Maybe Monday. Not sure where this is shipping from. After 10 days I'd of thought I'd have it now. For now I have the downloads & rosebowl DVD to hold me over.
09 June, 2012
A perfect one year memory trigger
I was thrilled to see East Lansing made the cut. The show I went to in June 2011. The recording itself just blows me away. The engineers did a fantastic job capturing the live atmosphere and the energy of the boys on stage.
09 June, 2012
Got it yesterday! Looks and sounds great!
09 June, 2012
Unfortunately, Not Yet
I am still patiently waiting for my gift from U2. wife and I appreciate the downloads to hold us over. Loved the versions of Stay, UF, and One Tree Hill. We especially appreciate the ISHFWILF version. We hear these songs many times throughout our lives and hearing them done in different styles is pleasing. It is amazing how adding one instrument to the arrangement can provide an interesting vibe and mood of a song. Well done. Oh, please send our copy ASAP. Long time member of 7 years. Peace.
Theresa A.
09 June, 2012
I just got mine today!! It's FANTASTIC!!! I can remember the show in East Lansing when I listen to The Fly... I was standing in the front right by The Edge. Such an amazing experience!! LOVE U2!!
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