Next up for U2360° Chile, Argentina and Brazil as the band return to South America for the first time in five years.

Edge and Bono have been speaking to Chilean TV ahead of the opening night in the country next week. A show 'is not like going to the office for us, it's either going to be a wedding or a funeral...'

And to Argentinian TV: 'A U2 show is a carnival, it's a revival, it's a political rally, it's a rave, it's a rock'n'roll show...'

It was the Vertigo Tour in 2006 when the band were last in South America and in Buenos Aires that the groundbreaking live set U23D was shot.

Last time the band were in Chile, then President-elect, Michelle Bachelet, the country's first woman leader, was backstage at the Estadio Nacional to present Amnesty International's 'Ambassadors of Conscience' award to the band and Paul McGuinness.

In Brazil Edge, Larry and Bono showed up for Carnival in Salvador and City of Blinding Lights was in the set list.

It's always special to visit South America. Are you coming to the shows? Tell us what you're looking forward to.


19 March, 2011
Please play KITE
Me and some friends from Peru are going to Santiago for that great show, it's amazing the emotion to see U2 for second time, the last one was in Bs As was so excited to see the River Plate stadium so full. In Nacional stadium will be the same. I'll apreciate so much to play KITE, LOVE AND PEACE OR ELSE !!!!!
19 March, 2011
Hello geniuses ..... please sing who's gonna ride your wild a big issue ... as all they do. Thanks for stepping on Argentine soil. Once reaffirm that we are one of the best public in the world is just so much passion .... ..... Argentina. See you there.
19 March, 2011
my wedding
I will celebrate one year of marriage on 10 th april. i WOULD love to celebrate this date on U2 concert, BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ( first my husband hahaha) but I could not get tickets for the show in Brazil. Now the tickets availables are so expensive !! Please help me !!
18 March, 2011
U2 360º Tour (Some Set Lists)
Hi U2, like a Fan that I love you I beg so much that you play in 3 days from brazilian tour that you play New Year's Day, Gloria, Pride (in the name of love), All I Want is You (to finish the tour after the song Moment of Surrender) Love and Peace or Else, Miracle Drug and Sometimes You Can't Make on Your Own....and another classiscs that you did'nt play during this tour, will be more that a pleasure to appreciate this eternals classics songs that you left a Real Mark ! Thank's so much for the attention ! Cheers .
18 March, 2011
18 March, 2011
No line is a MUST !!!!!!!!!!
At least just for me,... that has to be enough. You played STAY in Dublin on my request, why not this request in my land ARGENTINA !!! I know a girl, who's like the see ( Find a better sentence to describe a woman if you can...)
18 March, 2011
Thank God they're coming!
It will be the second show I'll watch, and this time I'll go twice!! :-D can't wait for see them again!
18 March, 2011
South America loves U2!!!!!!!
And I love The Edge's unique sound so much I wrote him a song
17 March, 2011
first u2 concert
I'll be in são paulo for the first show. My first u2 concert. i'm sure that will be unforgettable
17 March, 2011
No Speaka Espanol
I don't get much past Bono y Edge...but thanks for sharing anyway!
17 March, 2011
14 may 2011
u2 are waiting with open arms. we will show that we are the best fans in the world!!!
17 March, 2011
Thank you!
The shows are just around the corner. Cannot wait to go to La Plata. No line on the horizon is by far the best record you've made the last decade.
17 March, 2011
Brazilian group in Chile only because of
Hi, me and about 20 friends from Rio de Janeiro will be arriving in Chile in the next Thursday night, just to see your show!!! In fact, it was my Christmas' gift for my husband; then, one friend called another and when we realize, it had became a mini Brazilian tour to see you in Chile... Please, play Angel of Harlem, guys! And I hope you could identify our group... Wow! Imagine our emotion!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations for all and thanks
17 March, 2011
Set list Plata in Buenos Aires
Set list Stadium Único de la Plata in Buenos Aires on March 30th, Apr 2 and 3 - 2011 Open show!!! Scarlet Rejoice Magnificent The electric co. An cat dubh Into the heart Cartoon World Gloria Moment of Surrender Deep in the heart Tomorrow A sort of homecoming Two hearts beat as one The unforgettable fire Walk to the water A day without me Indian summer sky Bad Where the streets have no name Trip through your wires FEZ-Being Born Angel of Harlem One tree hill Hawkmoon 269 Breathe A Celebration Bullet the blue sky Running to the stand still Zooropa Ultra violet (light my way) Sunday bloody Sunday 40
17 March, 2011
2 shows in Sao Paulo
We'll be going from Maine to Brazil for the first two shows in Sao Paulo. Ideal climate in Brazil compared to the northern US should make this vacation one to remember, plus seeing u2 twice makes it all that one could ask for. Can't wait to get there, three weeks away from today. Life is good, eh?
17 March, 2011
Not like going to the office
Thank you so much for these amazing interviews! When Bono and The Edge speak in public they are always such sincere, kind, humorous and polite gentlemen. I love listening to all their incredible explanations about the 360 stage, the beautiful chemistry between the bandmembers, the involvement in social activism and the uniqueness of U2 including the references to fine arts. Bono;s way to develop the concept of the Claw with such simple things like forks proves his great creativity. This innovative stage truly allows fans to feel close to the band and it makes a huge place shrink. When I hear Bono talk about the "open-heart surgery to sing and write those songs" I am deeply moved by his inner need to put his whole emotion, passion, soul and love in the music. His absolute dedication to those songs creates a sort of intensity and magic that changes the atmosphere in every venue. The music of U2 is not just about virtuosic musicianship and technical abilities, because the bottom line of all songs is love and humanity. Yes, attending a U2 concert is not like going to the office!
17 March, 2011
GO AHEAD Open up your hearts...
...'cause I'm almost an expert at mending. It's all in being tactile--though a little chocolate incentive never hurts. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful stay in this area of the world and wish you more smiles than you can handle.
16 March, 2011
looking forward ...
Brazil can barely wait for it!! COUNTDOWN ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
16 March, 2011
Gonna see ALL THE SHOWS in South America
God must love me very much! I´m going to see all the shows in South America. I´m brazilian and I will go to Santiago, Chile, tomorrow afternoon. The after the show I´m going to Argentina see the three gigs and come back do Sao Paulo... to the line. Last time I spent 7 days in line to see then! This time I´m going to line wednesday. Well, me story is a little big longer. To do this, to see U2's tour in South America, I had to quit my job. Can you believe it? Niether can I, but I did it! Last two U2's shows (in 2006, Sao Paulo) were the best days of my life, so I had to feel this once more in my life. As some says, there things that money just can't buy. Feeling that ice cold inside you is one of them. Anyway, hope everybody in South America enjoy U2 the same way I do, 'cause the only greatest happiness you can find is in Jesus! If anyone wants to see photos or something, look for Guilherme Baida on facebook. God bless you all!
16 March, 2011
Can't wait any longer....!!!
I can't wait any longer for your show ♪♫ hahahah :P I'm attending the 3 shows in Argentina and I couldn't be happier... I've been waiting for U2 since the day they left on 2006... Love the interviews they gave! =)=) I don't care about the setlist, everything will be perfect for me..! thank you soooo much for coming! really!!!
16 March, 2011
March 30th, here I come!!
Just 2 weeks!!! I'm so excited for this show in La Plata, as much as I was last time back in 2006. We're counting the days really!! n__n
16 March, 2011
My wife and I are pregnant with twins, and go to a concert in Brazil on April 9, I feel extremely happy that my children will somehow have to listen to the band that was with me in the happiest days and saddest of my life. Play the song Miracle Drug for Rafael and Bianca and her two babies will be born in September.
16 March, 2011
Hi again! I just want you to remember that: I want U2 to play The Unforgettable Fire!!! Because I'm from Concepcion...27F have you heard about that? I need, I really need to hear and sing the phrase: "And if the mountain should crumble Or disappear into the sea Not a tear, no not I" please! I need to sing that!
16 March, 2011
Please Bad and Out of Control
In Argentina and South America ! Thanks a lot ! Alejandro
16 March, 2011
Hi guys, I´m going to Buenos Buenos Aires for the third sow in Arrentina. I´d like to hear (and see!!) some kind of tribute to Japan's earthquake victims (maybe "One"). I´m waiting anxiously. I've planned this trip for almost 15 years.
16 March, 2011
It's almost here!!!! Thanks for coming again! Pls sing PRIDE, New year's... and all the songs you want!! I can't stand the waiting any more! :) See U soon!
16 March, 2011
Dia Duit - (Hello) from Ireland
Hey guys! I'm hoping that use will return to Ireland again sometime in the near future. Dublin and Belfast have been rumoured, I would love the Belfast rumour to be true because thats were I'm from!!!! U2, I love uses!!!
16 March, 2011
Big_U2 and party Chile
Big u2 They are the best band of the world and we wait for them here in Chile, a long and narrow strip of land but very beautiful very beautiful. We wait for them as real brothers..... People of Chile enjoy the best band of the world
16 March, 2011
we're waiting for you guys in Chile!
16 March, 2011
Play anything
Hope you play anything you like, as long as you play with passion. That´s all I want. See you in São Paulo.
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