Speaking to Dave Fanning of Irelands's 2FM a few weeks back, Edge said the band had begun thinking about this year's shows. Dave mentioned that in 2009 there was always five or six songs from No Line on the Horizon: 'Would you keep that many?

'We were talking about adding more,' said Edge, in a decidedly enigmatic tone. 'Changing out some of the songs...'

And that was it, the subject was closed, he was giving nothing else away. But we can dream can't we ? So here's the thing: if you could add in a song from 'No Line' which wasn't a regular in the set last year ... what would it be?

And while you're musing on that one, what song from any earlier album, which didn't feature in 2009, would you love to hear in the mix this time around ?

Answers in the box below please. One different track from No Line, one other track from any earlier album. (And why, if you have the time...)

(If your memory needs refreshing on the songs the band were performing last year, check the 2009 dates and click on any city to see the set list.)


25 March, 2010
more rock and roll and strobes please
stand up comedy !!! ever since first hearing that song I wanted to raise my fist and stand up for real ! BULLET to blue sky .... I really miss the hard and dark rocking and rolling and edges piercing guitar ..... and if you look further .... Like a Song would be nice ...
25 March, 2010
A New Song?
Definitely Stand Up Comedy! It's one of the strongest songs on the album.
25 March, 2010
I would love to see Unknown Caller stay in the setlist. Play I'll Go Crazy the studio way, they've got a great song to play for the 'disorienting' spot in the setlist. that song is Mofo. they've got to play it. would also love to see the setlist change a bit more from show to show and especially change the Encore. OOOHH!!! and most of all id love to hear The Fly again thanks
25 March, 2010
White as Snow
White as Snow and Running to Stand Still
25 March, 2010
Acrobat and Stand Up Comedy
I believe Stand-up comedy is a fantastic up tempo song that is needed in the setlist. As far as has never been played live, it is a fantastic song filled with emotion, and it would create just as much happiness from fans as Ultraviolet did.....
25 March, 2010
2 more
play drowning man, they rehearsed it, why not play it!!! white as snow w/b nice too
25 March, 2010
Stand up, etc.
It would be great to hear stand up comedy live. I would also love to hear zooropa and a sort of homecoming (that would be a dreamcomethrough!)
25 March, 2010
Adding Songs
I think Magnificent would be a great song to start with, if you need to add one song, White As Snow!
25 March, 2010
Two Songs
White As Snow & In God's Country
25 March, 2010
2 additions
Stand Up Comedy and WIRE!
25 March, 2010
bring back the big opener!!!
I'd like to see a better building opener for the shows, maybe No Line, or Fez. I love the anticipation and the build of energy you can feel in the stadium with some of their previous entrances. Don't you think ' Instant Karma' would go over so well with the 360 set up? Or maybe 'Window in the Skies'? And play more earlier stuff like anything from Boy. See ya Edmonton!!!
25 March, 2010
NLOTH - add White as Snow From older albums - add I will follow
25 March, 2010
Fez being born and stand up comedy who's gnna ride your wild horses and rejoice
25 March, 2010
Stand up to rock stars
Stand up comedy !!!!!! please playing in Roma or Torino tanks i love you
25 March, 2010
FEZ definately!, a sort of homecoming and maybe electrical storm cos i missed it last year and out of control for helsinki, cos ill be there :P
25 March, 2010
Add Dates!!!!
I'd prefer if they added a Dublin date, Hard to get excited about a show that I wont get to see!!
25 March, 2010
A tough one
If we needed to add a song from "No Line", I would say Stand Up Comedy. (though I'd rather keep the ones we have) :) A song from an earlier album...I have 2..."I will Follow" or "Even Better Than The Real Thing"
25 March, 2010
U2 360° 2010
Stand up Comedy - and in every single set this year BAD
jon v
25 March, 2010
360 Being Born
I also think Fez would be an AMAZING opener, or possibly a starter for an encore set. that would blow my mind. I think the 360 show is made for the grandeur of Pop! Bring back Gone. Please, you know you want to U2.
Fred Hermes
25 March, 2010
Adding songs
Winter (acoustic) and 11O'ClockTickTock
25 March, 2010
FEZ and Lemon!
FEZ from "no line" And Lemon or Daddy's gonna pay for your crashed cars!! That would be great! Please keep Ultraviolet!
25 March, 2010
White As Snow
White As Snow is a beautiful song from NLOTH Winter is actually FANTASTIC too the bonus track...
25 March, 2010
Add: Fez Being Born (Most Creative and Pleasing Instrumentation Arrangement on the new album!) Add: A Sort of Homecoming
25 March, 2010
My choices
Stand Up Comedy from NLOTH :) Drowning Man!! They rehearsed it multiple times before the tour AND it was the song featured in the "1 Day" Countdown to 360 video before the European leg started - it broke my heart when it didn't appear in the setlist :( (If not that, Discotheque! They already have the disco ball and it would kick ass in the Claw :D)
25 March, 2010
More is Better
Why take any songs out? Add two or three more for a third set / 2nd encore.....Thats what we REALLY want !! Add 'GONE' off POP; The Fly off AB; and Gloria from October.
25 March, 2010
White as Snow because it is stunning, followed by Exit. That would be intense!
25 March, 2010
My favourites
Fez would be a great opener, I think! Numb of Lemon woul be nice!! They could be a great job with it with this stage!!
25 March, 2010
Can't Help Falling In Love
I will prefer that the band played "Can't Help Falling In Love" or "Unchained Melody"
25 March, 2010
Adding songs
Stand up comedy !!!!!! (please keep "No line" in the set..) Others : Exit or Dirty Day Thanks
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