'This Is'

21 June 2013
'This Is'
At the Olympia Theatre in Dublin a wonderful crowd of Irish musicians celebrated the songs of Aslan and paid tribute to Christy Dignam.

All the way from Electric Lady Studios in New York City U2 took part with a performance of Aslan's 'This Is'. As MC Guggi put it afterwards, 'That wasn't too shabby'.

cluttercoco - 25 June, 2013
Please release this...even on a fan only
LOVE it! Yes if this was a charitable event, lots of us would likely buy the song.
cluttercoco - 25 June, 2013
U2's version of this song is the first t
How did I miss the band Aslan? Maybe because I live in Canada!! Wow, love it! U2's version rules actually...
cluttercoco - 25 June, 2013
How beautiful--great pipes Bono!
I LOVE this. Beautifully played and sung.
freddyw2 - 25 June, 2013
No words...
Amazing. U2 Giants.
Jimbob74 - 25 June, 2013
really beautiful
I never knew of Aslan before (how??)... check our their version live on youtube at VIcar St. They are amazing!!
NanyandGonzo - 25 June, 2013
Ok, one more time my Gods are incredible in this awesome song. I like the lyrics, voice, music. Any chance of having this in a special download for fans or an album? Amazing all of you!
simspace - 25 June, 2013
Love It!
So many things to love about this video. The band sounds great. Bono's voice is in great form. Dallas on acoustic guitar (what???) and they took the time out to help someone in need. This is why these guys are still around 30+ year later! Hopefully this song will show up on some compilation.
U2fan247 - 25 June, 2013
This is
Very moving, a great song, although some U2 covers miss their mark, this one is spot on! Briiliant!
moanya - 25 June, 2013
A million hearts beat as one!!
Only U2 are able to make millions of heart gather under the same sky!! This is our miracle drug!! Thank you for giving me a great life! Hold on Christy!!!
septiembrepro - 24 June, 2013
Please, release this song on iTunes...
dianac80 - 24 June, 2013
Sweet Feeling...
can't wait to hear more!!
Roy McBride - 24 June, 2013
Wow....just wow...the boys are on fire!
ufon - 24 June, 2013
excellent song
hope they will sound similar on their new record.
joshthetree - 24 June, 2013
Brilliant love this =0)
Davcal - 24 June, 2013
Finglas on top of the world
Being from Finglas and being a huge fan of U2 and Aslan (Finglas claims Bono and Aslan) I found this performance very moving. The lads didnt just go through the motions, there is real feeling and emotion and passion in the performance, particularly Bono's vocal. It would be a wonderful tribute to Christy to reale this with all proceeds going to help Christy and other cancer suffers. Well done lads, as we say in Dublin 'Yis done him proud'
pain_18_ - 24 June, 2013
Eliberating !!!
Simple and pure !!!
moanya - 24 June, 2013
You are back guys!!! Great voice, great performance!!! THANK YOU U2!! I WILL NEVER STOP TO LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
u2nadias - 23 June, 2013
Love Bono's voice. Great song.
Scott Cleaver - 23 June, 2013
The boys are back in town
Just awesome and all 4 are looking and sounding as good as ever!!! Bring on the new album,..please :)
jenmusic - 23 June, 2013
I love it :D
SagePearl - 23 June, 2013
Mmm, Mmmm, Mmm !!!
WhyWhyDelilah - 23 June, 2013
Wow-weeeeee - U2 just getting better and better - if that was possible. Thanks again to U2 - one all!
21th - 23 June, 2013
U2 Returns !!!
Dallas Schoo with acoustic Guitar !!! It's Great.
nickvicktash - 23 June, 2013
What a great performance. Bring on the new album, if they're gonna sound this good!
musicabona - 22 June, 2013
This is wonderful!
U2 created a great cover version of this song and it´s a pleasure to hear them play so powerfully. Once again, Bono shows such a wide variety of vocal possibilities by moving from deep tone colours to falsetto.
TheJonathanEdge - 22 June, 2013
This is... AMAZING
Wow this cover is great keep up the good work!
mike2519 - 22 June, 2013
It sounds awesome! Bono's voice sounds so crisp and actually, he sounds young! He must have stopped smoking...LOL!
Scooter H - 22 June, 2013
Beautifully done! Can't wait for more new U2! Who was that on the acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song?
LetMeInTheSound7 - 22 June, 2013
When I first saw this video (with no caption) I thought it was a new song! Regardless, it's perfectly written and sounds amazing!
keithhannon - 22 June, 2013
Christy wrote this is when he was 19.... Genius, what more can u say, well done boys, great cover
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