The editors of SPIN have ranked the most influential releases since the magazine's 1985 beginnings - and Achtung Baby comes in at No.1.

'U2's most immediately dynamic music since 1982's War, and its most emotionally frank songs to date, capturing that particular early-'90s rub of boundless possibility and worn-down despair...

'One' became an indelible anthem because it admitted 'we're not the same' but urged that we've gotta 'carry each other' nonetheless. The squalling swagger of 'The Fly' resonated due to the rock star at its center confessing he's a liar and a thief. And for 'Mysterious Ways,' the Edge somehow concocted a jubilantly snarling riff that transformed Bono's gospel come-on...'

Here's what Spin says.

So what's so special about Achtung Baby ?


23 April, 2010
Achtung Baby
Yup, it keeps me sane when it feels like everything around is falling apart. And Mysterious Ways (esp live) is irresistable. Couldn't be without it.
23 April, 2010
''Achtung Baby'' it's dark,it's sexy.
It's the inviroment.The colours.The music.It'dark,it's sexy. I think the whole band sounds beautiful on the record.Especialy bono's voice. And then the photo's made by Corbijn.The photo's fit the music.Berlin in the early ninthies.All the songs(not only the single's) sounds great. Acrobat,So creul, trying to trow your arms around the world everyone song on the album fit's in a live show. My favourite album.I was 8 when it released.
23 April, 2010
Could not agree more with this article. I dont think we realise just how good Achtung Baby is. In 100 years when we are all dead and gone, people will still be drawing inspiration from this album.
23 April, 2010
Achtung Deutschland
A fucking briliant album.... I love this album..... ultra violet... one.... until the end of the world are my favorite songs..... And Berlin was a perfet place to record this album.... Thank you Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry
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