As U22 makes its way to different countries, U22 Unwrapped clips are being posted on the boards in Zootopia or on YouTube.  Love the choice of audio on this clip from kregconrad in the US.

Made yours yet? We're thinking lateral. Here's more.

If video's not your thing, maybe you just want to take a snap of U22...  in an unlikely, bizarre or impossible  location. Some good ones arriving from all over the world. (Overlooking the stage at Red Rocks? Clever!)

Our Mods in Zootopia are hosting Where In The World Is U22? 'The more exotic, strange, cool, interesting the location the better...'   Upload photos in this thread  or post them on Twitter using #U22 and @U2com and we'll retweet the best ones. (There will be prizes...)


23 June, 2012
not received yet
I'm still waiting for U22...hope to receive it soon and send you a picture of my happiness :)
22 June, 2012
See you in Detroit
I love the photos.
22 June, 2012
It's me! From Japan!
It's my great pleasure as ONE fan to see myself in my own room on this page. It was my dream. Thanks. U22 is my VIP. Today I'll show him around Hiroshima city, Japan, where I live, and take more pictures :)
22 June, 2012
its incredible but not enough from no line,no breathe or unknown caller,all really important parts of the first leg.....they are better than ever and my third night at croker was my 43rd show since 83 and its the best ive seen them and there is a few gems on there but mostly what you would expect....but hey its all genius from the greatest band ever to grace this earth...cant wait for more guys...thank you all so much....and the same to the u2 community...stay safe everyone....
22 June, 2012
U2 unwrapped - SOON
Well done, kregconrad. Great concept and nicely executed.
22 June, 2012
Cape Cod in the house
I am honored, you chose my vid, thank you, love the red rocks pic, you guys rock
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