To mark the premiere of Jim Sheridan's movie 'Brothers', take a listen to a new U2 track 'Winter' - from the movie soundtrack.

In the film, opening in the US today, a decorated Marine (Tobey Maguire) goes missing overseas. 'His black-sheep younger brother (Jake Gyllenhaal) cares for his wife (Natalie Portman) and children - with consequences that will shake the foundation of the entire family.'

Director Jim Sheridan has been friends - and occasional collaborator - with U2 since their earliest days in music. The band saw a rough cut of 'Brothers' last year and wrote 'Winter' for the film during the recording of 'No Line on the Horizon'. The soundtrack also features another U2 song, 'Bad'.

'Jim's stories have a kind of simplicity, usually, at the plot level and the complexities are in the drawing of the relationships,' Bono tells the LA Times. 'This one though is actually quite a complex plot line. He really went for this one. There are very strong feelings in this. It's a powerful, powerful film.'

Listen to the track... and tell us what you think.



04 December, 2009
finish it
It's a beautiful song but it isn't finished. Don't do the talking at the end. This clip is great and would be a big hit with America if you could finish it as well as you started it. Especially relevant in light of the increased troop surge. Stop worrying about radio. Americans who aren't tone deaf don't listen to radio! This song could be amazing!
04 December, 2009
Beautiful, liked some of the effects of
Great song, could listen to it all day if you listen to early edits on youtube, there is more rock feel to it. like the sound better, edgier
04 December, 2009
Raw, Rough, Awesome!
On the first couple of listens you can tell that this song is deep and dark. Love the mature sound of Bono's voice and the lyrics too. I want to hear more!
04 December, 2009
Where can I buy this?
I cannot wait to hear the full version, sounds terrific.
04 December, 2009
I actually think that this should of been on NLOTH. I loved this the moment I heard it on the Linear video. This is a little more haunting than that version.
04 December, 2009
Excellent Song
Beautiful song, very haunting and full of heart. Hope this will be on Songs Of Ascent! Please release this very special work we've been reading about for months!
04 December, 2009
This is part of Linear...I wondered about it in Anton's movie because it was such an interesting song and not on the album. I like it!
04 December, 2009
Prefer the Original
I think this is a great song , but I prefer the version used in 'Linear' much more than this stripped down version. I wish we had the option to download BOTH versions!
04 December, 2009
Like the other version better....this one is too slow
04 December, 2009
Not digging it as much
This version isn't talking to me anywhere near as the Linear version. Bono's vocals are pretty bad, the missing violins are really noticeable, and the quieter, more mellow vibe doesn't suite the song at all. I'm glad they at least released the Linear version.
04 December, 2009
I'm loving the new mix of the song. Can't wait to hear the whole track. Thanks, U2!
04 December, 2009
its my favorite song! well one of them :
I first heard this song on an mp3 recording on a website. It's one of my favorite songs and I hope it shows up on the next album!!!
04 December, 2009
That is an incredible vocal.
04 December, 2009
What a song!
I love this song and it's perfect for the movie from the little bit of the movie I've seen so far. Is this song in the movie or just on the soundtrack? I can't wait to see this movie. The lyrics seem just a wee bit different from the original one, yes?
04 December, 2009
Is so much better the Linear versoin...really...
04 December, 2009
Beautiful Track!
I could listen to this for hours. Even though it reminds of the Killers a bit somehow.
04 December, 2009
Nice reworking, except the vocals
While I I only liked the sound of Bono's voice and some of the guitar effects toward the end of the early version of "Winter", this sounds quite a bit better, although Bono's voice is a bit too rough. I'll definitely buy this, though. I should be noted that all the hard work for "Brothers" --the actual story -- was done by the Danish film makers of the 2005 film of the same name. I loved that film. I hope this one can help steer America toward understanding the needs of its veterans. I also hope that this bodes well for U2 to make "Songs of Ascent" and not worry about the charts.
04 December, 2009
Really Good
On first listen i really like this song. It has a lot of potential.
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