This Thursday it’s thirty years to the day since the release of The Joshua Tree and Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry will be live online to answer your questions about this iconic record.

Ask them anything about the legendary 1987 career-defining release The Joshua Tree and the subsequent sold out tour which saw U2 take The Joshua Tree on the road, playing stadiums for the very first time.

What’s your question?

Which was the song that nearly never made it? 
What was your personal highlight of 1987 ?
What was it like recording in Adam’s house? 
Which one song on the record proved the biggest surprise?
Your band, your questions - post them in the comments below or on FaceBook, TwitterInstagram, Google + and Tumblr. Use the hashtag #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
Then tune in to the band’s facebook page this Thursday at 3pm (EST) to catch U2 live from the studio… answering your questions.

UPDATE: If you missed it...Celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree #askU2 #TheJoshuaTree2017


09 March, 2017
The Joshua Tree Tour 1987
I am sooo looking forward to seeing you guys at the Rose Bowl, Metlife Stadium and Croke Park, Dublin Ireland! Still remember the Joshua Tree concert in Las Cruces, New Mexico-USA, my heart was pounding so hard all night, and my Bro and I got a hello from Bono in his limousine while he was driving out of the arena! AWESOME!!!
09 March, 2017
U2 at the Forum in Englewood California,
AWESOME CONCERT, start of my 5 concert escape with U2 in 2015, ending at 3Arena in Dublin Ireland!
09 March, 2017
Is Bono ready to go home and dream it all up again?
09 March, 2017
band power
hi, thanks for the great music. would love to hear you talk a little about your secrets for sticking together as a band. which i guess has allowed you to continue to deliver such great rock. also, what are your favorite rock and roll movies. saw you in boston ie tour, great show!
09 March, 2017
Not Fighting Anymore?
Did you avoid playing North Carolina because of our state's Anti-LGBT law? Used to be, you took the fight to those who needed to be fought. You met with Jesse Helms here in 2005, but now?
09 March, 2017
Best birthday gift 30 years ago. Best bi
What one song from #TheJoshuaTree best makes a connection from the turbulent times of 1987 that were addressed in its lyrics to the current political climate? Which song best symbolizes hope for better times? #askU2 My 14th birthday was made sweeter by the release of this album, and my strong admiration of this band began at the show in Indianapolis that fall. Can't wait to see you in the Red Zone at the Cleveland Show in July! Here's a flashback photo of me and my U2 room in those teen days! My 1987 Joshua Tree ticket proudly mounted on the wall beneath the poster.
09 March, 2017
hi guys .... I do not know what I would give to be in place of willie williams ... I would really like to design the scenery of this tour .... please do not change the sequence of the songs (I remember when I heard for the first time the sequence ... a magical time), create a minimal set design focused on "the joshua tree" and give space to b-sides by the audience choices (like Springsteen) .. See you at Twickenham stadium (1st show
09 March, 2017
Your music has shaped me, and now my children! We will see you in Vancouver and Seattle, but I will never forget seeing you in Detroit at Pontiac Silverdome, where I was enlightened again, (first being 'Sunday, Bloody Sunday', as I was born in Beirut where war is the norm and connected with the song from that point of view), to continuing on to being a rebel and standing up for my rights as a person, whilst listening to 'Bullet The Blue Sky'! THANK YOU! Joshua trees are very resilient, is that why you picked that as a title? Any chance we can get you to do small arenas, such as Sir Elton is doing, and visit us in Montana? Specifically, Bozeman? We NEED U2's power to continue to strengthen this misguided and divided nation. We are ALL ... ONE!
09 March, 2017
the "Where the Streets Have No Name" intro has been giving goose bumps to millions of people for 30 years.. after playing it 839 times live, does it still give goose bumps to You Too?? Side question: Pop is turning 20 and it still sounds ahead of his time today. It's the record that got me into U2. Why do you deny it? Last question: can I play a tune with you in Rome or Dublin?? I deserve it!!
09 March, 2017
Joshua Tree Envy
Which of the Joshua Tree songs would you most like to be releasing as a new song on Songs of Experience and why?
09 March, 2017
U2 in San Francisco - 1987
Dear U2, I was 19 years old and living in the San Francisco Bay area in 1987. I got a phone call from my brother in law who was working in the Financial District. He said "get in your car and get down here to the Embarcadero. Your band U2 Is doing a free show during the lunch hour". I missed the show because I was sitting on the overpass, in the traffic that your rock & roll stopped! My question is: How many Yuppies did you save that day?
09 March, 2017
Joshua Tree Tour
Hi!! Will you come to South America? Specially to Perú!!
09 March, 2017
American Southwest
What inspired the band to make an album about the American Southwest? The album has been at the core of my own passion for the Southwest deserts. Thank you! Will see you in Pasadena.
Reggie Thee Dog
09 March, 2017
Whatever Happened...
to Womanfish?
09 March, 2017
Will it be harder to play this track because it's been so long since it was in the rotation, or because of the emotion/intensity of the song? For what it's worth I'm very much looking forward to seeing performed live. My wife and I are traveling from Canada to see you in Ireland for our 20th anniversary! Can't wait. Thanks for the music, and the memories.
09 March, 2017
Veggie Chili at Pappy & Harriet's
Pappy & Harriet's show? Yay or nay? (I'll bring veggie chili.)
09 March, 2017
Ticketless Entry - is it the death of th
A sign of the times - ticketless entry helps to curb fraud and scalpers, which is great. I still have all my hard-copy U2 concert ticket stubs. My first U2 concert - 1987 - Joshua Tree Tour - Chicago that was $16.50 USD. Any chance of issuing some special design of ticket for JT2017 (either via U2shop or print-at-home or part of our membership packet?) for fan club members? Been a member since.....Propaganda. member #259.
09 March, 2017
Make My Mother's Day!!
Would you consider grabbing me from my seat in Seattle, Section 309, Row L, Seat 18, and taking this mom on stage? I'm dragging my kids to this concert because it's Mother's Day, I want to show them how cool I am, and my son's name is Joshua. It's meant to be. Please and thank you! -Heidi #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
09 March, 2017
I visited THE Joshua Tree in 2010 and it's an amazing experience. Would you like to go back there someday soon for another photo with the sadly deceased tree to complete the circle? Can't wait to hear Exit, One Tree Hill and Mothers live again. Cheers.
09 March, 2017
Do you remember playing at the JFK stadium in Philly, and Bruce Springsteen joined you?
09 March, 2017
Joshua Tree Tour
So i look forward to see you in London.... so i just want ask, if you are planning a second concert in Ireland?
09 March, 2017
LatAm forgetten 2 last tours
Last couple of tours Latin America has been forgotten / skipped. Sad about that. Any plans to come on this Joshua Tree 30th anniversary tour ? Next year with probably new album / new tour is Mexico included? #AskU2 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017
09 March, 2017
Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry, THANK-YOU so much for sharing your music. Looking forward to the Boston show on this tour. Wishing all of you Health and Happiness! Sincerely, Holly
09 March, 2017
JoshuaTree 2017
I still have my ticket stub and sweatshirt from LA 1987 show! Most Epic moment when the stage slowly lit up with orange-red and first notes of "where the streets have no name" started to play...i still get goose bumps and my heart raises when i hear these notes. Never thought i would be reliving that moment again!! Did you know when you wrote this tune and the entire JT that you would be changing peoples lives and the world forever????? THANK YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️
09 March, 2017
I was blessed to be at ALL the opening and closing shows for the Joshua Tree here in Tempe, Arizona at ASU. What was your most memorable moment of being under our desert sky?
09 March, 2017
the enigmatic title of The Joshua Tree
Over the years, I've often wondered about the enigmatic title of "The Joshua Tree". Where does the title come from and how does it relate to the album as a whole? Are there biblical connotations, being that Joshua is in the bible? David
09 March, 2017
Joshua Tree Question
If you had to choose just one song from the B-sides from Joshua tree to put on the Joshua Tree album, which one would it be and why?
09 March, 2017
Live stream?
Is there going to be a live stream event from one of the concerts of the tour? Please, please!! ❤
09 March, 2017
I would like in this tour ' 17 play in Spain in Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid,the same, than 30 years ago, why did you not try in this place? Thanks.
09 March, 2017
So Many Great Opening Acts
I aw U2 for the first time at the Worcester Centrum in 1987, amazing show and terrific opening act, Lone Justice. Over the years and various tours, we have been treated to some great opening bands, Garbage, Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam ( Honolulu). How does the band decide which band to choose to come on tour with them?
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