A 'Tiny Dancer' Moment

18 October 2009
A 'Tiny Dancer' Moment
Sunday 18th October 2009. Norman.Show day.

Bit of a mad one today. We had an early start, leaving Celebrity Love Island to drive the hour to the airport in Cancun. From there we flew to Austin, Texas to clear U.S. immigration and customs, then on to Oklahoma City and a drive from there to the fine city of Norman.

It's about a 45 minute drive through spectacular scenery. There are big, big skies which today were bright blue with the sun shining on the wide open landscape. It was beautiful. The radio was on in the van and 10CC's 'I'm not in Love' came on. We were all a little tired and slap happy and found ourselves singing along to Kevin Godley's vocal, looking out of the window as the countryside cruised by dreamily. Ned texted Kevin, who's a good friend of ours, to say we were having a 'Tiny Dancer' moment, referring to a scene from the movie 'Almost Famous'. If you've never been on the road, that movie scene must seem highly implausible, but somehow when you're out here...

The stadium of Oklahoma University was only just big enough to accommodate the 360 production, with the stage and outer runway completely filling the football field. Larry was positioned directly over the centre spot, so this was as close to playing truly in the round as U2 is ever likely to get. The grandstands in the stadium are extremely high, so it was rather like playing in a valley, or a half-open sandwich toaster, but variety is the spice of life, we're told.

The crowd was well up for it though so it turned into a bit of a party gig. Technically it was a bit of a train-wreck, though it didn't help that round about MLK the temperature started to plummet dramatically, which is a nightmare for keeping guitars in tune. I really enjoyed the gig, perhaps partly because the change of configuration allowed me to watch it with fresh eyes.

Afterwards we did a runner back to Oklahoma City and then a three hour flight to Los Angeles, meaning we have traversed the entire continental land mass in one day, with a mid-western gig thrown in. Mad days.

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15 September, 2010
Wonderful diary entry! I absolutely loved the Norman show. People in Oklahoma are still talking about that show almost a year later, how awesome it was. I can only find so many words to show my appreciation to all involved for making this happen, so i will leave it at that. Oklahoma loves U2!
10 November, 2009
From mission control to Mexico?
Im still waiting for you guys to anounce dates in Mexico d.f,not those diaries from...ya saben,vienen o no demonios!,greetings from Mars...
01 November, 2009
come to belfast
willy,when are u bringing your show to belfast.went to nice and croker.looking fwd to horsens and seville next summer.360 belfast or slane for 2010?
31 October, 2009
360 Part II
First comment from my husband after the Norman show, "they seemed so relaxed". No wonder! Glad everyone had some down time. We were at opening night in Chicago and while both shows were amazing, I'd have to agree with the party gig theme for Norman. Hope there is the same stage confg for East Lansing come summer 2010. It was a great vibe!
29 October, 2009
Thanks for all of the hard work! We Okies truly enjoyed every minute of the show! Every time I am having a bad day all I have to do is think back to that great night!
29 October, 2009
Good Times...
Hey Willy! I think I may have seen your van go by when I was eating a sandwich at Quizno's before the show. A motorcade with black SUVs and white vans down Lindsey Street? I couldn't help but think that someone important was passing by. Anyway, that was my first U2 show and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I hope all of you come back to this region again sometime soon.
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