U2360° TOUR Leg 2: 2010


'Aliens Coming To Mother Ship'

15 August 2010
'Aliens Coming To Mother Ship'
Horsens. Show day.

Nice to Denmark could reasonably described as 'a hell of a commute', but at least we didn't have to go there and back in one day.  It was a bit of a haul, all the same, exacerbated by the town of Horsens being a 45 minute drive from the airport in Billund where we landed.

The stadium in Horsens is tiny, but has these fantastic modernist lighting towers that could have been designed specifically to go with our stage structure.  One of the local staff took a picture of the whole place silhouetted against last night's sunset, which is one of the most wonderful images of the stage I've seen.  It looks like the aliens coming to the mother ship to feed.

The temperature here is much cooler than it has been in France.  It felt a little weird to be full dressed again, shoes, jeans, jumper, after a week or two of slobbing about in shorts and sandals.  The great joy of the afternoon was the arrival of Snow Patrol, who are with us for a few shows over the next little while.  They're a great band and such a great bunch of guys that it's tempting to round them up, lock them in a truck and not let them leave the tour.

Given our proximity to the arctic circle, I'd expected that the late-daylight situation would be far worse than it actually was.  U2 were a little late on stage which always helps, but we had a decent level of darkness almost from the top of the show.  It seemed that a good portion of the audience had spent much of the day wandering about the venue with specially constructed cardboard holders that could carry five pints of beer at once (way to go!)  The place was rammed and come show time they were very rowdy, very drunk and reminiscent of a UK audience to the point where I almost had a twinge of homesickness.  They certainly seemed to be having a good time, anyway.

We did a runner to a hotel about half an hour from the venue, though in which direction I couldn't tell you.  As we got there the heavens opened and it just poured with rain, which was a near miss.  The place had a nice bar, even with an open fire, so that was us sorted for the night.

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