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'Are You Willie Williams?'

07 February 2011
'Are You Willie Williams?'
Dublin. Day trip.
Happy new tour year, we perhaps should say to each other, as we embark on U2360: Year 3. I concede that there have been a good many lengthy breaks along the way but even so, aside from all the artistic, technological and logistical triumphs, the sheer duration of this tour would put it in the record books.

I got a call from Bono asking if I could come over to Dublin for the day so we could have a catch up before getting immersed in tour madness later this week. This seemed like a good idea so I took the CityJet shuttle from London City Airport this morning. The little known London City Airport is a bit of a secret weapon for capital-dwellers as it's very small and holds the unique distinction of actually being in London rather than an hour or more's drive away, like the other "London" airports. I was a little dismayed to see that the usually deserted terminal appears to have become a great deal more popular since I was here last - I guess the news has spread - but I did at least just beat the school party to the security screening line though, which was some compensation. They weren't a badly behaved lot but rowdy and excited, as you can imagine.

At the X-ray machines, I found myself opposite a guy who was clearly their teacher. We made eye contact and I said something like "good luck", and he laughed. "Where are you off to?" I asked. "Barcelona," he says, "it's an exchange trip. How about you?" "Just a day trip to Dublin," I reply. "Ah," he says, "are you Willie Williams?"

Gavin came to our lunch meeting and we had a look at the lie of the land. We were delighted with the shows in Australia & New Zealand and could quite happily charge through 2011 with exactly the same show. We are all aware however, that if a show doesn't continue to develop it will start to go stale and gradually die so, even just for our own sakes, we will keep pushing & experimenting.

In one sense, the great coup of 2010 was seeing a total of six unreleased new songs performed throughout the course of the year. I found it highly gratifying that almost without fail these new songs were received very well by the various audiences. Clearly they weren't going to be singing along but it was very interesting indeed to witness a crowd of 70,000 people actively listening to something new.

We talked over various ideas, new things, serious things, daft things, as well as having a wander through the back catalogue to see if there were any forgotten gems that might see the light of day. (Lets face it, if Scarlet made it into the show in 2010, then surely all bets are off for 2011.) There were no firm conclusions reached but that wasn't the purpose of the day, it was more about re-engaging and seeing what we have in the deck.

I headed home, managing to make it through Dublin Airport without being recognised which always helps me feel more comfortable.

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16 March, 2011
Brazil shows
Hi Willie ! Here in Brazil we would love do hear songs for the First leg (No Line on the Horizon & Unknown Caller) as well OLD LOVED Songs like (Out of Control & An Cat Dubh). Could you please convince them to play these songs in Sao Paulo? Thank you very much for attention and for make this show a real thing for us U2 fans. Erick
15 February, 2011
Hi Willie!!
I'm glad to read you again - Do you know what? I missed your diaries a lot! Have fun for all of us!! :D
15 February, 2011
Fez....Please......Thank you.......
14 February, 2011
Great to have you back!
Enjoyed reading the latest diary entries thanks. I would love to see more new songs, and another trip to Europe! but looking at the back catalogue would also like to hear one or two Pop-era songs on the 360 stage. Last Night On Earth could work really well mid-set. It really came alive live - especially the ending.
13 February, 2011
Duty Calls - back to work !
Hope you had a good break - I enjoy these background musings & look forward to your words after each show . Thanks Willie !
13 February, 2011
Argentines suggestions
Welcome back, Willie! If the band is thinking about modifying some things of the show, may be interesting to remember that the first leg in the U2's history in Latin America was in 1998, returning in 2006 and this year will be the third. So, there are lot of songs than the band never played in Argentina, Brazil o Chile. So may be very interesting for the old fans (as me - we're a lot here in Argentina-) to have a "Boy"-"War" o "Joshua Tree" set into the show (as the begining of the Vertigo Tour at the US leg, not here). Thanks a lot for your attention, and for your diary...
13 February, 2011
Still pulsing
Willie, my eyes are still bulging and ears ringing from your recent tour down under. Can;t wait to see what comes up this year . . .
13 February, 2011
Welcome back!
Welcome back Willie! Have a nice u2360 year - I'm excited what will happen in 2011!
12 February, 2011
Glad to see you back, Willie! Can you please bring Street Mission to their attention? :p Seriously, how about Please???
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