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'Australia’s favourite purveyor of undergarments'

29 November 2010
'Australia’s favourite purveyor of undergarments'
Melbourne.  Day off.

After yesterday€™s downpour, it was wonderful to wake up to some sunshine this morning.  Seeing pictures of the snow back home makes a man count his blessings, but thus far we haven€™t experienced the sun-drenched bliss I€™d been hoping for on this trip.  However, all was blue skies and warmth when I got up and I confess to feeling just a little smug hearing the BBC weather forecast.

I breakfasted at The European café which served about as perfect a morning spread as a man could ever hope for (they know their way round a good café in this country, I tell you).  After having eaten, in the company of a couple of tour colleagues, I wandered around Melbourne€™s downtown area for a bit of proper day-off activity.  In days of yore this used to be most often typified by the purchase of CDs and underwear, and if the recent smorgasbord of music purchase options have given competition to the CD, perhaps it is some comfort to retailers that no-one has yet figured out a way to download underwear.

Being in need in this department I decided to break with tradition and experiment with an Australian brand about which I have heard a great deal.  €œBonds€, apparently, is Australia€™s favourite domestic purveyor of undergarments, so I went to peruse their wares.  I confess to being a tad underwhelmed at first encounter, but stocked up to a moderate degree so we€™ll see how they fare over the coming days.

Having had such a gruelling day, the only thing I felt fit for later on was a dip in the hotel hot tub (well, kind of lukewarm tub, as it happens), then heading out to a Melbourne inner-suburb for dinner with friends.  Yes, actual civilians in a real house, which is something of a dizzying treat when you€™re on the road.

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07 December, 2010
Chesty Bonds
Look out for the "Chesty Bonds" character that used to accompany these products - a caricature of the chisel jawed, bronze Aussie. Do you fit the legend Willie? PS Loving your visit to Melbourne
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