'Beautiful City'

03 July 2011
'Beautiful City'
Chicago.  Day off.

The crew loaded into the stadium today in order that the whole tour can have a day off tomorrow for the 4th of July which is, apparently, some kind of public holiday here.  I did think about going down there but in the end couldn’t face it, opting for a day in my room still trying to get on top of the post-Glastonbury backlog of real life admin.

A few of us made it under the wire for the 11am breakfast cut-off, but other than that I barely saw anyone from the tour all day, only venturing out to scavenge for food after sunset. Chicago is a beautiful city and we are staying right down town. The Summer evening streets were full and lively, the weather perfect and a sense of excitement in the air at a day off for everyone tomorrow.  It was tough to find anywhere to eat, as every single place seemed to be rammed to capacity, but did eventually find a place with bar seating.  Once seated, I noticed Alastair, one of the 360 sound team, sitting on the other side of the bar. We waved sympathetically so I knew we were on the same page. I was struggling to stay awake, eventually admitting defeat at 10.30pm
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xtraspicy62 - 13 July, 2011
the claw ship
thanks for adding in the video of the claw as an outer space ship,lol-the crowd roared with delight when they saw that one. TTTYAATW---super cool and funky tune. the boys sounded great on that... can you play the whole AB album for the last show?
Cary - 12 July, 2011
Blue Sky Days
My wife & I arrived on 7/4 for a few days in our old haunts to enjoy several wonderful blue sky days (leaving all the NC heat & humidity behind) certainly highlighted by one fantastic GA night in Soldier Field. Chicago without a doubt has a significant symbiotic relationship with the band.
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