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'Bed and Breakfast'

03 April 2011
'Bed and Breakfast'
Buenos Aires. Show 3.

The last couple of days have blurred into one somewhat. It's a hell of a commute to La Plata from down town Buenos Aires - upwards of 90 minutes in traffic - so there's  relief in knowing that today's trek is the final one. Happily the gigs have been stellar, which does lend a sense of it having been worthwhile. The roads aren't the best (nor are the vans for that matter) but at least it affords a chance to see a little of life outside the city. There are signs of growth and also reminders of the economic crash of a few years back. Most significantly, there seem to be many areas where building work was halted abruptly - building sites left half finished - into which people have moved. It's quite a surreal sight, a half finished house or block of flats with washing hanging up outside, or curtains hanging in the empty apertures that never became windows.

The city of La Plata is relatively affluent, though clearly with eccentric town planners as its new stadium appears to have been built right in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. We were most amused to see the inventive opportunism displayed by the residents. It seemed that practically every house was offering something for sale - bbq food, parking, home made t-shirts, toilets and no doubt bed and breakfast if needs be. I'm sure it’s done wonders for the local domestic economy.

After a week of sunshine, the rain came down overnight and continued off and on throughout the day. It looked like we might get away with it but then, during the changeover between Muse and U2, down it came. The downpour was brief, but absolutely torrential, which wasn't especially helpful, but we did manage to get through the show without a breakdown.

It took a while to get back to the Hotel Fabulous, even with a police escort, so we were a pretty subdued crew by bed time. It's been a great week but it's been a lot of traveling so we'll look forward to the more sedentary few days coming up.

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09 April, 2011
I'm Listening Willie :-)
Your insights into life on the road is a brilliant read - no matter where you are in the tour . Keep writing ! A few cold Molson Canadian is waiting for you in Toronto - or we will break out the Guiness in your honor ! Polite eh ?
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