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'Blue Sky Day'

08 June 2011
'Blue Sky Day'
San Francisco – London.  Travel day.

I’m due to traverse the Atlantic four times in the next fortnight, so I thought it best to take the morning off. Our touring party breaks apart today for a brief hiatus. Some get to go home, some are holing up in L.A. and some are opening Broadways musicals. I’m going to the UK to further the Glastonbury cause and hopefully to go and lie down for at least a day or two.

San Francisco was in fine form when I woke up and opened the curtains. It’s another perfect blue-sky day, the kind that makes this city come alive. I headed to my former local café for breakfast with a few friends whom I had not yet managed to catch up with, but still had an hour or so to kill before heading to the airport. Wandering from the Hotel Fabulous, I just followed my feet and ended up drifting through Chinatown, which was alive with colour on such bright day. The streets were busy and noisy with cable cars clanging past, a smell of vegetable matter in the air, all very industrious.  Even when I lived here I rarely walked through this neighbourhood so I got to feel like a tourist for a little while and it felt good.

SFO beckoned and so I headed south. This short break feels like a bit of a watershed because once we emerge at the other side of the Glastonbury convulsion we really will be in the final furlong. I’ve noticed that I watch the shows now with a kind of wistful pride, making a point of seeing everything and taking it in before it all goes away forever. Symbolically perhaps, or maybe just in sympathy, my principal piece of luggage is giving up the ghost to the point where I’m not sure it’ll make it through this final few weeks.   My computer bag too is falling to pieces, so there’s an unmistakable air of a chapter coming to an end.

Airport, check-in, security at the funny new whizzing scanners that are like a cross between a tanning-booth and a giant photocopier, lounge, boarding and hopefully soon to sleep.

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19 June, 2011
Hang in there Willie !
Toronto will be my 1st U2 experience & although not complaining its a busy time for me, difficult to break away from business - but I will be there with bells on ! My request is please have the guys play "Bad" ! Thank You so much Willie -
17 June, 2011
Thanks for bringing your energy back to SF! It was a great show. Wow.
17 June, 2011
I LOVE reading your posts, Willie
Your blog gives the average worker stuck in a grey cubicle 50 hours per week some great escapism! Willie, I have a wee request - can you pass along to the boys? Toronto, 7-11-11, please have them play Breathe. If they want to, introduce it with "THIS IS FOR CAROLYN" ;) ok, that 2nd part is too much to ask --- but I am humbly requesting they put Breathe back in for Toronto. Be well! :)
15 June, 2011
I follow your diaries with eagerness, you are a gifted writer and observer...Thanks for sharing with us the magic of so much work, travelling and appreciating what you see and feel... Great read!!! Pat
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There was a 6.30pm conference call arranged between Bono (Dublin), The Edge (Los Angeles), Steve Matthews (London) and myself (also London) to blow the cobwebs off our brains and discuss the reincarnation of the Vertigo Tour.
15 Mar, 2006
I was planning on resurrecting the tour diary today, being the day we were scheduled to fly to Auckland for the load-in tomorrow. However, its now old news that the remainder of the tour dates have been postponed, so Im not going anywhere further than the corner cafe. Its been a very weird week indeed - much akin to driving into a wall.
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