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Breakfast in America

22 September 2009
Breakfast in America
Tuesday 22nd September 2009. New York. Day off.

Slightly bleary day but it started with my waking up and finding myself in New York City, which is never a bad thing. I crawled out of bed and headed for the pub across the street. No, I haven't developed morning alcoholism, it's part of a very peculiar deal with the hotel where they are providing breakfast for us - not in the fine dining restaurant downstairs, but in the Irish bar opposite. I honestly have no idea how or why such a strange arrangement would come about, but after being on tour long enough a man learns not to ask. Especially when there's free food and a decent cup of tea on offer, even if there are elderly men drinking pints of Guinness at the next table.

We're fully into the onslaught of extracurricular activities now - Saturday Night Live at the weekend, plus planning for the inevitable broadcast / DVD shoot which his coming up and then there's Gavin Friday's gig at Carnegie Hall which we're all getting involved with. This, plus preparing for the Big New York Shows (actually held in New Jersey) is more than enough to fill every waking hour.

I did, however, manage to get out to breathe in a little of New York City, on a hot and sunny afternoon. I love this city and under blue skies it is all the more loveable. Not too much more to report other than finding myself standing next to Goldie Hawn whilst waiting to cross Broadway around 52nd St. She looked great, as it happens, and very much like Goldie Hawn (rather than a scary older version of what you remember, which is often the case).

OK, back to work.

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clapton is god
02 October, 2009
umm Breakie
Willie, if poss, after gigs has ended, can you pay tell what pub you are getting Breakie at please ? ps. did you get decent White Pudding and Soda bread there :)
01 October, 2009
Englishman in New York
Daylight, again. Thanks, Willie for sharing little chunks of your experiences on what has to be the Biggest... Tour...Ever... Free or not, I like the idea of breakfast in a pub versus a posh restaurant. I don't know how any of you manage to keep it together going at what seems to be a breakneck pace these last few days. It would be cool to meet you one day. Can't wait for Norman!--tick, tock, darlin'!
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