'Brick wall of humidity...'

08 December 2010
'Brick wall of humidity...'
Brisbane.  Show 1.

Just as I was starting to feel most comfortably settled in Sydney, we up sticks and head north for a couple of shows in Brisbane.  Having declared UDI regarding hotels, I checked out of my accommodations and made my way over to the Hotel Fabulous to hitch a ride to the airport.  I took the opportunity of a stealth lunch whilst I was there - steak sandwich with a view of the harbour & opera house, which has to be one of the great dining locations on the planet.

I€™ve very much been enjoying the news from home where the rather appropriately named James Naughtie, longtime broadcaster of the BBC morning news programme, made a spectacular blunder live on air at 8am.  He€™s a Scot who speaks clearly and vehemently, so there was nowhere to hide when he spoonerised his introduction of €œJames Hunt, the Cultural Secretary€.  National uproar followed, though rather more with hilarity than offence, it seems.  It€™s on YouTube and well worth tracking down.

Our flight to Brisbane was commendably uneventful, followed by a drive to the venue with one of the most sedate police escorts I can remember (since when do police escorts stop at red lights and wait in traffic jams?)  Stepping off the plane we had been hit by a brick wall of humidity and it remained humid as hell for the rest of the evening.  There€™s been a huge amount of rain here of late and, even though we were spared a downpour tonight, the amount of moisture in the air was startling.  In the camera close-ups I could see that the band members were in shock during the first few songs (you could almost see in their eyes, exchanged looks of €œCor, it€™s hot.  Are you hot?  Is it just me, or€¦€)   It was a good show though, during which the band gave several nods to John Lennon who was murdered 30 years ago today.  Hard to imagine him at 70 years old, but I bet he would be doing extraordinary things.  Funny to think that it€™s quite possible that I would have met him were he still with us €“ it€™s not hard to imagine him having come to a U2 show somewhere along the way.

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26 January, 2011
Totally true .....
....... you would definitely have met John Lennon. He would have loved you.
14 December, 2010
Moving, as it should be
Was at show one in Brisbane, i fully lived it all the way through, singing like mad, cheering, shouting. It was just brilliant! I shared One with my dad on the phone from a hospital back home in France (he's all good), he loved it! I fully felt the power and emotion on Miss Sarajevo which is a beautiful ode to the civilians who went through the Balkans war, thanks so much for playing it! The idea to insert some footage of the Bosnian girls in future shows is great. Good on you U2, Willie and friends, peace along your way accross the world. Stan
14 December, 2010
hot crowd
was in the crowd at brisvegas one. Yeah, it was a balmy night but boy did the band deliver a great show.Thanks Willie for your newsy updates. Love the insights and makes me feel like we're on the road with you. Take Care and Merry Christmas
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