Buenos Aires - Auckland

So we made it. We survived the multi-tasking simultaneous Live Show-TV-Video-Film-Shoot-Torment and emerge on the first day of the summer holidays. As if symbolically, we awoke this afternoon to find Buenos Aires drowning under a deluge of rain, much akin to the one going on the night when I arrived. Perhaps U2s traditionally appalling weather-karma is turning around. We would have been royally buggered if it had rained on the film cameras as theyre really not set up to travel, even less face the elements.

We took refuge in the Mansion for an all-day brunch, saying farewells to the various members of our tour group as they headed off to catch flights at different times of day. Weve nearly two weeks till the next show, though with the enormous distances, flying times and confrontations with the international dateline itll be reduced to nine days or so of actual down time. The massive ball of energy which is the Vertigo Tour is about to explode into fragments as its members bail for locations quite literally the world over. Some are going home to Ireland, UK, USA, others straight to Auckland, others to island paradise locations or skiing, some lunatics even going to fit in other short jobs. Im off to Sydney and my flight leaves at a minute to midnight so Ive had the day to pack and generally recover.

Tomorrow, the 4th, disappears in a puff of time zones, so itll be Sunday before I touch down. Heaven knows how long itll be before my soul catches up with my body, but Im ready. Spin the wheel, change the clocks, change continents, languages, currencies and the drivers side of the road; experience the vertigo and learn to love the feeling.

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Latest Willie's Diary

21 Nov, 2006
Within the bands entourage (certainly by comparison to the crews clockwork scheduling) travel departure times are often a little loose. This morning was especially so, due to three contradictory memos which had been emailed out last night and this morning.
20 Oct, 2006
There was a 6.30pm conference call arranged between Bono (Dublin), The Edge (Los Angeles), Steve Matthews (London) and myself (also London) to blow the cobwebs off our brains and discuss the reincarnation of the Vertigo Tour.
15 Mar, 2006
I was planning on resurrecting the tour diary today, being the day we were scheduled to fly to Auckland for the load-in tomorrow. However, its now old news that the remainder of the tour dates have been postponed, so Im not going anywhere further than the corner cafe. Its been a very weird week indeed - much akin to driving into a wall.
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