'Carb Offsets'

09 December 2010
'Carb Offsets'
Brisbane.  Show 2.

I made it to breakfast by the skin of my teeth (10.30am cut off €“ I ask you).  As I was piling a hurried plate, Shan swung by the breakfast room having just got back from her daily run.  I suppose one day I am going to have to confront the issue of exercise, though I can€™t say I€™m particularly amped at the thought.  Swimming I€™m OK with and, never having owned a car of my own, I do walk a great deal but anything more strenuous seems like such a chore I need to go for a little lie down just thinking about it.  I was joking with Shan about this and then came up with a genius plan.  In the spirit of the age, where greener nations can sell their carbon offset allowance to fatter nations, how about my doing a similar sort of deal?  Perhaps I could pay Shan to run an extra mile or two each day and then, through some sort of calorific karma (I haven€™t quite worked this bit out yet), I would reap the benefit;  a system of buying €œCarb Offsets€ if you like.  Shan, I have to say, was very enthusiastic about the idea, but I think I need to figure out the details before I hand over any cash.

I have a British friend recently moved here, who I met through the global aesthetic triumph that is We Will Rock You, and we had a chance to catch up before I headed to the venue.  It was another fine show, though again the battle against humidity was pretty extreme.  It must be extremely hard to sing without any air to breathe.  Sat up late in the hotel bar with my UK pal and some other local friends.  It€™s always a pleasure, though I have guests at every single show on this leg of the tour (often multiple guests, actually) so I am going to have to keep an eye on myself €“ unless anyone can think of an accompanying €˜alcohol offset€™ scheme€¦

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15 December, 2010
City Of Blinding Lights
Great Job with City of Blinding Lights Willie, it was so special to see the Claw GO OFF. Love the song and it was even better with such a magical display.
14 December, 2010
You will feel good
The best time to practise exercise is when you get up, first thing in the morning. Swimming is a fantastic exercise or a walk around the city makes you feel energetic, clearheaded and it recharges your batteries for the rest of the day. And you can come back in time for a delicious breakfast!! Take care
14 December, 2010
How lucky are we?
thanks so much Willie. We have been to 4 of the Aussie shows and have loved reading your behind the scenes accounts. Last night's Syd show was incredible. I felt quite emotional as I wandered around Syd this morning in a post-concert stupor. How lucky are we to get to experience such performances and such exhilarating energy. The feeling is life-affirming and that is no exaggeration. And to top it all off, I got to watch my 8 yo son get lost in wonder and delight as he experienced his first concert. How cool is that. By the way, everyone in Melbourne is suffering this year from allergies, it's a wonder any of us could see the band with our 60,000 sets of allergy-swollen eyes.
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