'Cold, Grey, Drizzle'

20 February 2011
'Cold, Grey, Drizzle'
London. Arrival.

The flight was fine, absolutely nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever, which is the way we like it. All dozen 360ers on board slept pretty much the whole way, regrouping on arrival for round of swift goodbyes as we go our separate ways for a month. "See you in Chile" is something I haven't said too many times before.

London greeted us with cold, grey drizzle but the comforting familiarity of being 'home' helps soften the blow of coming back to winter. It's been an enormously enjoyable fortnight with a couple of great shows and at least we soaked up two weeks of sunshine that most of our mates didn't get. What time is it in the world?

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14 March, 2011
Cary i support u 100%
its time to rework their setlist its time to they return unknow caller to the setlist its time to take off get on ur boots its time to have a time
09 March, 2011
A belated thansk to you guys for the S. African Tour, Willie. Can't tell you how much we appreciate it as starved of great entertainment. 2 requests. Where as Villa1 in Joburg etc? Any chance of the pre-Soccer City Gig playlist before the Band came on? Was brilliant. Come back soon.
08 March, 2011
Hi Willie, luckily you had the chance to enjoy some sunshine in South Africa. It is always great to have a break from the cold and grey European winter. But looking at the beautiful awakening of nature now I say: What time is it in Europe? SPRINGTIME!
08 March, 2011
Chilean setlist
A lot of people from Chile would like to listen more NLOTH songs than last shows, as well as some-like new Mercy. For me, I'd prefer to listen Nloth and breathe, and obviously Unforgettable fire.
08 March, 2011
What Time Is It?
It's time to rework the setlist for 2011. It's time to start asking questions like drop Miss S. & IALW? Dare I say it's time to take off your boots!?!
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