11 June 2005
Its hard to describe quite how I felt this morning (well, when I say morning, I mean getting up about 3pm). First and foremost I felt like Id been run over by a bus, but also vaguely triumphant at having pulled off such an extraordinary first night with next to no preparation time. This combined with a familiar post-natal feeling which I always have the day after giving birth to a stage production. Pretty much everything aches and frankly I could have slept till 3pm tomorrow had the reality of the lobby call not interrupted my hibernation. Anyhow, we are underway and its a great start.

We flew to Cologne, which is where were staying, even though the show is in the famous rock and roll epicentre of Gelsenkirchen. I decided to go straight to the venue, so had a van to myself as oddly no-one else was remotely interested in coming with me. Lightweights. Its supposed to be a 40 minute drive, but the traffic was awful so took an hour and a half. I slept. I just lay down in the van and crashed out. I really went under and eventually woke myself up because I was snoring so loudly, which the driver was kind enough to ignore.

I had imagined wed have another programming session tonight, but surveying the crew was like looking at the screen test rejects from Night of the Living Dead, so I settled for doing the emergency fixes and leaving lists of instructions for tomorrow. I also made a point of letting my crew guys know how delighted the band was with the first show. Its really important that they understand that their enormous slog doesnt go unnoticed. Weve got some really top people out here. And funny with it.

We laughed ourselves silly over a photo of the show which has appeared in one of the trade mags. Its a shot of the band playing The Fly with the text barrage behind them. The words flash by at high speed, but the camera has frozen the moment with U2 playing and the word CUM in 40 foot high letters on the backdrop. Whatever was the picture editor thinking?

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