U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011


'Consistently Stratospheric.'

18 September 2010
'Consistently Stratospheric.'
Paris.  Show day.

I did a telephone interview this morning with the Wall Street Journal, as background to a profile they are doing on Mark Fisher, architect and co-designer of U2360 and just about every other large scale entertainment event in recent history.  The interviewer asked all about the creative process and the way in which we work together.  I quite enjoy doing these things because it forces me into articulating thoughts that I wouldn't necessarily ever put together otherwise.  Aside from being a card-carrying genius, Mark is a truly wonderful collaborator and his contribution to (at very least) U2's live history is immeasurable.  It wasn't until I heard myself say it today though, that I realised probably one of his greatest assets is having the confidence to take the long view and be very relaxed about his role in any project, in terms of credit, where ideas come from and so on.  In the grand collaboration required to put a show together, any form of territorialism leads to mistrust and can be very damaging to the creative process.  If it's a great show, then it's very good for everyone involved, so it seems counter-intuitive to fight about the minutiae.

I had a busy day at the gig, not least because this building is absolutely enormous, so getting from A to B takes forever.  Some of Jay-Z's people came in, as he will be touring with us through the Australia and New Zealand dates and they wanted to come and figure out some of the technical aspects of integrating Jay-Z's show into our system.   I had some guests to juggle and also some packing to do, as I am doing a stealth run home tomorrow and am going to take the opportunity of offloading some of the crap I've been carting round the world unnecessarily.  There are articles of clothing that have been rotting in the bottom drawer of my workbox since May 2009, so you can imagine it's getting a little disturbing down there. 

I heard we had 96,000 people in the building tonight.  It was yet another truly great show, with yet another fantastic audience.  Every night feels like such a celebration.  This is a great time to see U2.  This is a great time to be U2 - the band is just on a roll right now, in fact I can't remember a time when shows have been this consistently stratospheric, probably since ZooTV.  They are very obviously having a wonderful time on this tour, absolutely at the top of their game, playing killer shows whilst writing, recording and performing new material in their spare time. There's definitely a touch of the Zoo spirit in the air.

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13 October, 2010
The Wall
Willie - Just saw Roger Waters Perform last night in NY and after reading your post here I looked up the Mark Fisher article. How amazing a man is he! I'hope you make a European show - I found it to be the most amazing audio/video experience I have ever seen (right up there with you and U2 shows of course!)
09 October, 2010
Welcome on ZooTV, oh no!!! on U2360! Merci for the amazing moment! What a communion between U2 and french (and more), european fans!!! I hope to feel that emotion very very soon. Et non Bono, tu ne peux absolument pas être le bossu de Notre Dame, il faut trouver un autre héro de la littérature française que celui-ci! Thanks ;)
03 October, 2010
c'est la vie
Great gig in paris,U2 on form as always but terrible security issues at gate D,a scary scramble for entry,('sometimes in life it is like this' according to gate security...non, it's usually totally cool and safe) and no access from the pit or pitch to stadium for use of facilities.30,000 on the pitch and we got 16 portaloos and no running water..oh la la...something amiss with the french connection.will be heading anywhere but stade de france for the next gig....thankfully,the rock n roll trinity of artist,art n audience made up for the disorganisation we don't deserve.Does anyone give a *£@! ?
29 September, 2010
Like ZOOroooooPA .......
Totally Agreed . . .U2360 its Like ZOOTV era . We are just a little Older. What 3 Amazing NIGHTS With U2 in Paris and BrusselsX2. Felt like I was 16 again . . . when I fall In love with U2 and their music ;)
27 September, 2010
Zoo Spirit
It's good to hear that the band are recording! Here's hoping we get a new album sooner rather than later.
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