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Copenhagen show - Thank God for plastic.

04 August 1997
Copenhagen show - Thank God for plastic.
Copenhagen show - Thank God for plastic. The Danes are inventive when the rain comes to town.

This morning's headline in the Gothenburg daily paper was by a picture of the two photographers from last night and said (in Swedish) "Can we have our car keys back?". Actually, we'd already left the stolen keys at the reception of the hotel (where they knew we were staying), so they'd eventually find them. Besides which they did get a couple of classic snapshots of Bono wrestling with these giant red traffic cones, so they had got some kind of result. It was all very funny, but all the same it was probably a good time to leave town.

On to Denmark and a very wet show tonight, at Parken stadium in Copenhagen. I know its a cliche, but it really didn't dampen the enthusiasm of the audience - groups of people were being extremely creative with rolls of plastic sheeting, in ways I never seen before (cue for a song, "There ain't nothing like a Dane").

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