Day off - Cleveland

Out for a stroll this morning I came across the 'Million Marijuana March', a pro-cannabis demonstration in a nearby park. In reality it was more like the 'Hundred Hippie Slump', as most people were lying on the grass (no pun intended) listening to a speaker list his reasons why marijuana should be legalized forthwith. I've never been a smoker, but looking at this happy group of extremely mellow individuals on a sunny day in Cleveland, a man might roll his eyes at how completely ridiculous it is to classify them as hardened criminals. My favourites were the 'Potheads for Jesus' whose mantra, according to their placards, is the scripture Genesis 1:12. I haven't looked it up, as I'm so enjoying the mystery of what it could possibly be ('On the ninth day God said 'Skin up someone, for heaven's sake.')

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum is in Cleveland. When it was first opening I installed a 'Zoo TV' exhibit in the main lobby, consisting of four Trabant cars hanging from the giant atrium roof and the big neon sign of the ZOO logo. We took the opportunity to go and have another look and were pleased to find there's currently an excellent John Lennon exhibit there too. It was also fun to see the U2 memorabilia. Best of all is a glass case of stuff from the very earliest days - notes from the band to each other, rejection letters from record companies, hilarious photos and posters.

In the evening we went to see Bon Jovi. 'One Wild Night', they're calling the tour, and wild it definitely was. Two hours of thoroughly unreconstructed rock & rolI. They've discovered their strongest suit, they're not afraid to play it and they play it loudly with complete conviction. You certainly know where you are with a Bon Jovi gig (you're in about 1985).

Meanwhile back in 2001, a care package arrived from Bertis Downs containing the new REM album 'Reveal', which I squirreled away into my room for a one-on-one. I've a couple of favourite tracks already. I think we're really going to enjoy getting to know each other.

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