Day off, Buenos Aires

27 February 2006
Day off, Buenos Aires
Having got to bed about 4.30am, I woke at 10am feeling like I wasnt ready to get up so rolled over. The next time I stirred I was pleasantly surprised to find it was quarter past two in the afternoon, so felt vaguely smug.

I wandered down to our lounge area to hunt out some breakfast and found The Edge, sitting alone in the massive, dark, wood-panelled room which the hotel has given to us. We had some breakfast and chatted, slightly dazed and all very low key. A little while later, apparently coming from somewhere out on the street, the silence was broken by enormous quantities of group screaming. 'Mmm,' murmured Edge, 'Bonos up, then.'

Much of the rest of the afternoon went into a meeting with the 3D team, making meticulous plans for the next few days filming. These three shows are when the vast majority of the filming has to be done so its vitally important to get it right. It feels good though, theyre a great team and the footage Ive seen so far is extremely encouraging. If anything it reminds me of the majesty of some parts of 'Rattle & Hum'. Its certainly closer to that than to any TV broadcast weve ever done.

In the evening I had a date to take my lampies out (i.e., the lighting crew). Theyd only just arrived from Chile, so were tired but up for it, but we found our way back to Placa Dorrengo, which I have subsequently learned how to spell. We didnt make it a late night, but it was very pleasant to sit outdoors, grazing and drinking. Theyll have a long few days ahead with the film shoot preparation and all that, but after these two shows the tour takes a short break which will give everyone a chance to recharge their batteries.

I got back to the hotel about midnight and all good intentions of going to bed early evaporated when I ran into our security guys who told me there was a party going on in the Mansion adjoining the hotel. This included an eight piece tango ensemble who were playing their hearts out and a troupe of 14 tango dancers who were giving it large in one of the ballrooms. Im not really a fan of the usual run of exhibition tango, but these guys were great - it was more like a theatre show than a straight display. We enjoyed it enormously and after the performance they gave us some lessons in tango for beginners. This particular version didnt resemble the tango we learned here in 98, but it was fun nonetheless. Some of us fared better than others but in spirit at least we were all tangoing till dawn.

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