U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011


Day off, Sydney.

12 November 2006
Day off, Sydney.
Having turned in at 5am, I didnt exactly rush out of bed, but made it for breakfast as they were closing up. Spent a while attempting to get through some of my email backlog which currently seems to be a task akin to painting the Golden Gate bridge.

By late afternoon I was ready for a break so took up an invitation from Bono to come over to the house where hes staying for a barbecue. It was a relatively small gathering but there was great food and some fun things to do, like croquet and tennis. It was a real spring day and I was overcome with that change-of-season feeling you get when the weather turns and you know that winters finally behind you. Except that weve got about another two weeks of this till winter returns with a vengeance, but Im choosing not to think about that at present.

Kylie is in town and I know quite a few of her tour staff. I was planning to go to the show on Tuesday, but during the course of the afternoon, Bono threw into conversation that he was going to sing with Kylie that night. Howls of delight went up all round and suddenly tonight was the only night for a man to go to a Kylie Minogue concert.

A group of us (including the whole of U2) headed down to the Entertainment Centre, which is a very nostalgic building for U2 as we did five shows there on our very first trip to Australia in 1993, then nine more on the LoveTown tour. The show is in two parts and we were given the nod that the song with Bono was to close the first half. It was a really fun pop show, but given that the audience was composed largely of twelve year old girls and gay men (not necessarily together) I wasnt sure what sort of a reception Bono would get, as neither of these groups could be said to form part of U2s core constituency. However, when Kylie brought Bono onstage, it absolutely brought the house down. I felt vaguely paternal for a moment or two. He sang really well, despite confessing not to know the song -Kids - that afternoon. It was really great fun to watch.

Smasher and I slipped away only to find that bars shut at 10pm on Sunday in Sydney, which was somewhat disorientating, though perhaps rather refreshing. Consequently we ended up in the hotel, another night chatting and looking out at the Opera House, a sight its impossible to get too much of.

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