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'Dead Sea Scroll neck tie, anyone?'

15 September 2009
'Dead Sea Scroll neck tie, anyone?'
Tuesday 15th September 2009. Toronto. Load in day.

Took an hour this morning to go and see the Dead Sea scrolls at the Museum of Ontario. It was a very interesting exhibit, though the very thought of reassembling the scrolls from thousands of fragments makes me want to go for a lie down. One of the scrolls is a section of the book of Psalms, transcribed around 150 BCE that was extremely beautiful. I popped into the museum gift shop on the off chance that they might be selling a tea-towel version that I could give to Bono, he being a bit of a fan of the odd psalm. The range of souvenir items ranged from the merely tacky (Dead Sea Scroll jigsaws, etc.) to the commendably peculiar (Dead Sea Scroll neck tie, anyone?), but sadly didn't extend to kitchen linen. There was however a range of hilariously inappropriate religious items on sale, including a 'God's Little Princess Bible', in pink sparkly leatherette, with a diamante clasp. I can't help wondering how that would fare if left in an earthenware pot in a cave in a desert for two thousand years.

Down at the venue all was calm, all was bright, in fact all extremely low drama, which is gratifying. I stayed a couple of hours to hang with my peeps and offer morale boosting, spiritual advice, etc. The only hiccup was that when I returned to front of house from catering, my laptop appeared to have crashed utterly. I'd left it backing up and returned to find a completely black screen and it showing no interest in waking up. I radioed Josh, the tour IT chap, but Craig from lighting, who had overheard me calling, pointed out that I might want to try connecting it to a power source. It was a tad embarrassing - falling foul of the longstanding lampie adage for times of technical failure - 'when all else fails, plug it in'.

This afternoon I also, at long last, found time to take a climb up the 360 structure. I’ve been meaning to do this since Barcelona but I've never got round to it. It requires an amount of mountain climbing and being safety harnessed up, a la Village People, but it was a wonderful thing to do and oddly reminiscent of clambering through the lighting plot I drew a year or so ago. The mighty CN tower is right next to the venue, rather dwarfing our structure, but it still felt great to be up there on top of this mad thing we've made...

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