POPMART Leg 1: 1997, North America


Denver Pepsi Centre I

20 April 2005
Denver Pepsi Centre I
You wake up one day and suddenly the Pope's German.

It feels like months since we did a show, as I've been so caught up with the European outdoor system. I'm pretty much finished with it now, aside from video content. All the physical and lighting elements are decided and drawn up, so I brought in the piles of paperwork in order to share the joy with the relevant crew chiefs. In the event, I practically ended up giving a seminar in the loading dock, as more of the tour staff began to gather. Its really gratifying how interested and enthusiastic the vast majority of the crew are about what's coming up. Even though the indoor show is still finding its feet from day to day, everyone's clearly looking forward to the next adventure. Guest visitors to the show tonight included Alex and Martin, the duo of video makers who created the extraordinary 'Vertigo' clip, (the one with the band performing in moving rings and smoke trails are coming off them.) They are going to be shooting in Vancouver (I heard that shoot was cancelled, but clearly this is not the case). They'd just arrived, fresh off a plane from Paris (where they live) so were suitably wasted with jet-lag by show time, but still very enthusiastic. I'll look forward to seeing what they come up with.

I tried some new ideas during the show. I took the infra-red surveillance cameras (with which I have usually been filming the audience) and turned them on the band. The cameras are in strange places, so some of the angles were odd, but interesting. I'm going to keep pursuing this as I think there's an idea lurking here and besides, it was really fun, observing the band, observing the audience, observing the band.

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