'Disregard Previous Information'

29 June 2011
'Disregard Previous Information'
Miami.  Show day.

For the past few weeks, a really handy excuse for putting off doing anything vaguely unappealing has been that I can’t possibly tackle it before we get through Glastonbury.  Well, guess what?  We’re through Glastonbury and it turns out that I’ve accumulated a jaw-droppingly extensive to-do list.  Consequently, I spent the morning trying to catch up with the backlog, or at least organise the backlog in such a way that I’m able to survey the magnitude of the disaster.  It’s easy to forget that life continues outside the bubble of the tour and I have a huge number of non-tour related things tugging my sleeve for attention. Add to that personal email and trying to maintain some kind of contact with the mainland and, to coin a phrase, it’s not a hill, it’s a mountain.

The combination of this level of distraction and the continuing oppressive weather may go some way towards explaining a fantastic, if worrying, moment of personal brain liquefaction later in the day.  Once we’d all arrived at the venue I had a brief huddle with the band for ‘director’s happy hour’ as usual and presented them with a set list for the evening.  I hadn’t been quite sure whether or not to continue with the Glastonbury-based set list or revert to the pre-Anaheim version, but in the end went for Glasto, as The Fly has been so well received.  This means that there isn’t a place for Magnificent, which isn’t ideal, but is liveable with for today. I showed the guys the set, which they were happy to go with, so sent it off for distribution.

Shortly afterwards, I was with A.J. going over a particular part of the show that has been a little unpredictable recently, as it depends upon the shape of the stadium and whether there is audience upstage. Working through the set list with A.J., I first noticed that, much to my surprise, Still Haven’t Found was on the list when I’d intended All I Want is You. ‘Oops…’ I thought to myself, but then realised that if I just carried on with a straight face, I could probably get away with pretending that was my intention all along, rather than a jet-lagged cut-and-paste blunder.  A.J. and I were still struggling to figure out the particular dilemma in hand when I noticed, as if it had spontaneously appeared from nowhere, that Magnificent was also there, grinning up at me from the page. What on earth is going on?  The more I looked, the more I realised that the set list I’d just issued made absolutely no sense whatsoever.  I still can’t quite figure out whether it was a subsequent cut-and-paste fiasco or whether I (and all of U2) had actually sat in the dressing room so dazed that nobody had noticed that what I was presenting to them was complete nonsense.

A couple of embarrassed radio calls followed, along the lines of ‘disregard previous information’ and I sat down to reconstruct the set into something a tad more coherent. Much amusement was had at my expense but I didn’t mind – I’m telling myself it was probably endearing.  It just makes me wonder what other bizarre things I might have done today.  I’ve felt like I’m being efficient, productive and together but it seems that I might just be sleepwalking.

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10 July, 2011
sounds like you guys are in need of a break!
08 July, 2011
Set list was NO accident !!
Willie – We have followed you diaries for years and enjoy you background and insight in to the tour as you see it. I must admit that I must disagree with you about the set list for the Miami show. We were so excited, and know that North Star was as an answer to prayer. See we are youth leaders at our local church (a couple hours north of Miami) and we took our youth pastor and both our families, not sure if you would remember us but we were on the railing in front of the sound board and my son was crashed out before the show in my lap as you walked by. There is just one tune he wanted to hear and that was North Star and we all had been praying for it to show in the US set list for months before the show. I can say that if you think that the set list might have been a mistake, I can disagree that it was a divine intervention and an answer to prayer. Which goes to show that God is in the small things.
08 July, 2011
Where can someone apply for a job with the tour group? Will love to work and travel with the Band....
07 July, 2011
If you need another assistant
If you need another assistant for next tour, just contact me. It would be a life-dream for sure. I have experience too.
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