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'Does anyone have a 20 on Brooke Shields...?'

06 October 2009
'Does anyone have a 20 on Brooke Shields...?'
Tuesday 6th October 2009. Atlanta. Show day.

For reasons too long and complicated to go into right at this moment, I have a god-daughter in the wilds of rural Georgia. I came to Georgia quite regularly through the 80's, then worked on the Olympics here in the 90's, so we have a bit of a history. My god-daughter's all grown up now and at college, but we'd arranged that she, her brother and another friend would come to Atlanta, hang out for the day and see the show. Having got so much done last night, I was relatively free of work tasks for much of the day so we had some time, which was welcome.

It was a good show too with a very lively crowd - the building even sounded good given that it has a roof, which creates an acoustic nightmare. Some of the R.E.M. folks came along which was wonderful. These included Bill Berry, former drummer, now retired, and someone I've not seen in many years.

The band did a runner back to New York after the show, but I stayed so I could see my teenage guests for a little longer. There are also video-shoot people visiting so there was much to be discussed later in the evening. I'll head back to NY in the morning. Best overheard one-liner of the day, from somebody's walkie-talkie which happened to be in earshot: 'Does anyone have a 20 on Brooke Shields...?'

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18 October, 2009
Just Wondering.
Hi Willie, Would that someone from R.E.M. not seen in many years happen to have the initials M. S.? Just wondering. Anyhow thanks for the behind the scenes.
18 October, 2009
I was at the Atlanta show on Oct 6, it was fantastic! I live in GA and saw the Vertigo Tour here as well. But this night was especially amazing as i traveled from my college (UGA) and skipped a day of classes to camp out with my best friend who recently moved to Rhode Island for college. We got front row spots and it was a night to remember! I hope that U2 always finds time for Georgia in their tours! Keep up the amazing and awe-inspiring work Willie!
clapton is god
18 October, 2009
love reading your posts wilie. call me nossy :) but i'm curious to know why the need to Run back to the big apple ?
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