Vertigo Leg 1: 2005, US


Dublin Croke Park

At last Dublin gets its fair weather show. I spent the morning watching the sunshine through the window of my room whilst juggling a million calls and e.mails about Live 8. Having (almost) got through Dublin, this is the next major event to deal with. It seems inconceivable that its taking place this coming Saturday, but weve worked to dafter schedules. The band is on top of it, at least. I heard them rehearsing at the venue on Saturday, so the music end should be fine, even if the parts I am dealing with are a little chaotic just now. The Live 8 stage will, of course, have the obligatory big video screens, so I am hoping we can use some our show graphics when U2 plays. No-ones going to object to this, but the practicalities need to be sorted out pronto. Richard Curtis came to Twickenham and I did have a chat to him in the wee small hours after the show, but it was very late and we were both a bit pissed (well, I was anyway), so it was more social than practical at that point. Hoping to sort out a good deal more today.

The band didnt sound check today, so I met them at the venue later. We talked over the set list and I was keen to put in as many different songs as possible, as a kind of farewell and thank you to Dublin. On this tour, putting in new songs has been tricky because it means we have to drop other songs already in the show. Or at least it usually would. Tonight they decided to add six or seven songs but only dropped a couple which made the set list the longest in U2 history. All this and value for money too.

The show had a late start as traffic was really bad outside and there were still a large number of people trying to get in.

At last U2 had a beautiful night to play at home which they celebrated by playing for about two and a half hours. I spent most of the show out in the crowd and really had a good time. Such a great atmosphere. I ended up on the disabled platform (I limped convincingly in order to get up there) and was delighted to meet Christopher Nolan, the inspiration for the song 'Miracle Drug'. Bono dedicated the song to him and to his mother who was with him.

Post-show hospitality followed the pattern of the past couple of nights, starting at the venue and eventually transferring to the Clarence. Late night again, but on this occasion it really would have been rude not to.

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