'Exciting Move'

28 March 2011
'Exciting Move'
Buenos Aires. Day off.

I spent the morning getting myself ready for a band meeting later in the day. A useful tool for me on such occasions is a big pad of paper. Being able to write and draw helps me to think things through and rationalise the sometimes disparate strands of ideas that float about in my head. I didn't happen to pack a large pad, so headed out to find an art supply store.The concierge gave me a bit of a bum steer so I had to make do with a tiny, cramped stationers and photocopy place. My Spanish is all but non-existent so it took a little while to make clear what I was looking for (not helped by the fact that apparently when I was asking for 'big paper', I was in fact asking for 'a large cake.')

There are several new show ideas in the works, six of which were on the agenda for the afternoon's discussion. The most precious to me are the remixes of Magnificent and Even Better Than the Real Thing, and I was a little concerned to realise that I've actually fallen in love with these mixes, especially Real Thing which is just mega. This is always a dangerous position to put yourself in, as heartbreak awaits if things don’t go well at the meeting.

Bono has a gang of friends over from Dublin so is staying in a house out by the water. It's a bit of a trek to get there (the best part of an hour) but it's a beautiful place so not too much of a hardship.  All four band members came along and we got into the discussion. I almost felt a little nervous playing back Dec's mix of Real Thing and a reworking of Magnificent. Happily, both were received extremely well, so much so that Larry suggested opening the show with Real Thing, which is a brave and exciting move. We’ll try it at sound check on Wednesday and see how it goes.

Back at the Hotel Fabulous we felt the need for a nightcap and debrief. The hotel concierge (whose judgement I am learning to question) sent us to a 'wonderful, quiet, relaxed bar' about ten blocks away. On arrival it wasn't so much 'quiet' and 'relaxed' as 'deafening' and 'crawling with hookers', though I suppose the pimps handing out cards on the street for several blocks in each direction should have been a clue. We persevered, however, and did find an innocent-looking corner pizza place with seats out front where we could get a few beers and empanadas, unmolested. An important day for the ongoing 360 show, and I think we did well.
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roy4075 - 02 April, 2011
U2 360 Even Better
This is a great opener. Those fans in La Plata were so fortunate to witness a new opener and tour debut at once. I will always be partial to Return of the Stingray Guitar, but it will be great for North America if they would just do a grab bag of openings so that fans never know what to expect. Can't wait for them to get to the States. Thanks Willie for filling us in-that's the great thing about your diaries.
macmango - 02 April, 2011
Brilliant! Save a surprise or two for Denver.
Mengod - 02 April, 2011
BRING EBTTRT TO BRAZIL, folks... Amazing song to open the shows.... And please, bring back ULTRAVIOLET!!!!
NickyK - 02 April, 2011
Real Thing
Watched Real Thing on youtube- and what can I say! Just wow- I think it works great as an opener! Thanks Willie!!! Now what about adding a POP song or two to the set list?! ;) (Gone or Mofo would be soo great played on this stage!)
bkgarceau - 01 April, 2011
very happy to have EBTTRT in the setlist! Specifically as an opener... great idea and awesome mix... Hope to see it soon in America!
Pete the chop - 01 April, 2011
Achtung Baby !!
Hi Willie. Here’s an idea for you to float with the band. It’s an anniversary year and as U2 have yet to do the album in full style show that many artists (Pixies / Bruce Springsteen) have been doing they should try this for some of the final shows: Stingray guitar Beautiful day Follow or Out of control ZOO STATION REAL THING ONE END OF THE WORLD WILD HORSES SO CRUEL THE FLY MYSTERIOUS WAYS ARMS AROUND THE WORLD ULTRA VIOLET ACROBAT LOVE IS BLINDNESS Streets City of blinding lights Vertigo Crazy tonight Boots Magnificent I still haven’t found Mercy or North star Moment of surrender I’ll leave it with you !!!
bobcaygeonmary - 01 April, 2011
Larry is a Genius !
Wylie Coyote :) Another home run - what else is in the archive ?
bouchou - 01 April, 2011
So so good !
PLEASE come back to Dublin, just once. It's not possible that the claw disappeared ! I would like so much to see you again and again.
bieke2be - 01 April, 2011
I'm sooooooooooo dissapointed they didn't do this earlier, in Europe! I love those AB songs! They have/create so much energy.
bieke2be - 01 April, 2011
I'm sooooooooooo dissapointed they didn't do this earlier, in Europe! I love those AB songs! They have/create so much energy.
Zbych - 31 March, 2011
At last a poper kick-ass intro! Can't wait to hear magnificent remix
jgomez - 31 March, 2011
Congratulations, Willie!
Yesterday we enjoyed an amazing show. The band is incredible, but the job of all of you in the production is great. And the beginning with Real Thing... 10!!! PD: excuse for my english (is almost so bad as your spanish, haha! Have very nice days in my country!)
SoupRQT - 31 March, 2011
Great Move!
So refreshing to have this piece as the opener! We LOVE a mix up and this song blew us away! Thank you! -Beth A.
isa_br - 31 March, 2011
Really better!
Awesome idea opening with EBTTRT!!! And the mix is great! Please keep it to play in Brazil!
SoupRQT - 31 March, 2011
Great Move!
So refreshing to have this piece as the opener! We LOVE a mix up and this song blew us away! Thank you! -Beth A.
agt - 31 March, 2011
Loved the Real Thing as an opener!
Good one Willie and Larry, Even better than the real thing, is awesome as an opener. It really kicked the show into another orbit. Hopefully they'll be a few more big surprises which will keep it kicking big time.
Glen Hoos - 31 March, 2011
Even Better!
Opening with EBTTRT is amazing! PLEASE keep this for North America!
Cary - 31 March, 2011
Much Better Than The Real Thing!
Now that is a nice change of pace. The new start is a vast improvement over the GOYB remix. +1.
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