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Family Reunion

05 June 2011
Family Reunion
Seattle – San Francisco. Travel day.

I was a bit all over the place this morning.  It ended up being a late one last night, running all over town delivering cell phones (don’t ask) and I needed to be up at a reasonable hour as Smasher and I had promised each other we’d get on top of the Glastonbury video stuff. Breakfast was a meeting of the dazed but we did get it together to make the departure deadline.

Long I have maintained that my favourite flight is a flight from anywhere to San Francisco, so I confess to having been perhaps a little over-excited en route. It’s a year or more since I’ve been to the city at the end of the rainbow and even though the weather forecast isn’t the best (as ever) it’s a thrill to have a day or two at ‘home’.

Our flight didn’t get us in until the early evening but I still made the most of a night off here, meeting some friends at a favourite restaurant and inevitably going on to a bar or two.  Funny, it’s ten years now since I lived here but I still feel like a native, taking a streetcar rather than a cab, walking back down Market Street (still an open psychiatric unit, it seems) just to take it all in. Old places have closed, new places spring up, but still it feels like a family reunion.

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15 June, 2011
Hi Willie, we are in Montreal and soooo looking forward to the concerts. Our family of five would love to host you while in Montreal. Provide for you a chance to experience home life away from the road, home cooked meals, laundry, personal exploring. We are so appreciative of the love and unity one experiences at a U2 concert, much of the credit due to you and your incredible talent. We are grateful for the magical gift of U2. Montreal is a cornucopia of culture, fun, entertainment. I humbly invite you to avail of our hospitality. We will be on the floor during the Montreal concerts. Once again it will be THE highlight of our year. Contact is on my website Love& hugs from the Tremblay family .xoxoxo
14 June, 2011
Seattle Show- SET LIST
First, thank you so very much to all you and the entire crew do to make the show the best ever. Speaking of which, we have gone to several shows on every tour and I believe/feel that the set list in Seattle was hands down the BEST EVER!!!!! Fantastic Job!!!..............Such a difference from Vegas in "09! (Loved that show), but this , this was it! Thank you so very much!
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