'Full Dress Rehearsal'

04 August 2010
'Full Dress Rehearsal'
Turin.  Production rehearsals.

In a moment of inspiration I'd suggested that we do our full dress rehearsal tonight.  This means we'll have time to fix things if necessary and is also something of a safety measure in that Bono won't have to do a full run through tomorrow.  He seems to be doing very well in his post-operation return to stage, but he hasn't yet gone at it for two hours in one uninterrupted stretch.

All today's timings were earlier than they have been this week to accommodate the time needed for a full run-through, so there was a faint reminder of what it feels like to actually do a show.  We ran through the whole show with the band in stage gear, and made it without stopping which was enormously encouraging.
Both North Star and Glastonbury were included and the lunatic opening with The Return of the Stingray Guitar.  We ended up placing Miss Sarajevo in the Unknown Caller slot and I'm delighted with the 'Questions' audio-visual piece that links it to Until the End of the World.  Hold Me, Thrill Me replaced Ultraviolet as the encore opener, which will no doubt cause apoplectic consternation on the U2 fan sites, but for at least the first show of a new year this feels like the right thing to do.

We had our post-mortem afterwards, which was largely positive though there remain a lot of fixes to make tomorrow.  Bono was exhausted but he is clearly going to be able to do this which is a great relief all round.  There are lots of technical things to sort out still, but I think we're in as good a shape as we can be.  I programmed late with my team, but I think that's it now.  Unless anything startling happens tomorrow, we're good to go.  Might even manage an early night.

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c j shotton
22 August, 2010
Willie...any chance you could suggest them to do some POP! Would love a little...MOFO again...would make a great surprise encore that I think would go down a treat!
21 August, 2010
midnight is where the day begins
good to see by the time your post actually hits ultraviolet is back...hold me kiss me has one problem, no uplifting chorus that stays in your head for weeks as ultraviolet does. Sure would like to see lemon in that spot, I can only imagine what kid of led panel jacket you could design for that, and it was brilliant on zoomerang even though you only did it 10 times....bring it back for USA next year, since well we never have seen any zooropa tunes besides stay..and it also has that excellent chorus
20 August, 2010
Michael were right about the apoplexy anyway, Willie. How dare they do away with Ultraviolet....said the thousands of people not at the concert and shaking their fists in indignation at their computer screens.... :p
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