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'Full Moon'

19 March 2011
'Full Moon'
London. Departure.

So it begins again. I've been up country and would normally have come back to London the night before heading off on tour but I guess I'm getting blase at this stage. Getting up this morning, I worked out that it would be about 36 hours before I arrived at my hotel in Santiago, a fact that was more than a little hard to take on board. It was a beautiful morning, the first here after three weeks of relentless greyness. The sun shone in cold blue skies, with every surface wet from melted frost as I got on the train.

London was a bit of a run around, not least because I hadn't even started packing. Digging out summer wardrobe again felt strange, yo-yoing between Winter and Summer, this being the third round trip to the southern hemisphere in as many months. Managed a haircut then out to Heathrow.

Half the tour was in the BA lounge, as there are a limited selection of routes between Europe and Chile. Once on board, we had a sizable delay as the airport caterers had left a truck in the way of our plane. It took over an hour to locate someone who could move it and I couldn't help but think that in a similar situation at a U2 show, our production team would have had the damn thing gone in minutes (one way or another).

It turns out that Chile is quite a long way from London. I knew this, of course, but there's a certain denial that kicks in when you get on board a twelve-hour flight. Ate, read. Watched True Grit which, to be honest I found a little ho-hum, despite the great performances from the two leads. Slept a while, then woke up with a start and found myself looking at something that at first I had some difficulty processing. Outside the window of the darkened plane cabin, hanging in a black void sky was an outrageously huge full moon. The wildly disorientating thing was that I was looking down on it. The perfect circle of silver was sitting in the sky considerably lower that my eye level, far below the 'horizon' of the aeroplane. Coming out of sleep it was the wildest sight and it seemed to be brighter and clearer than I've ever seen the moon. I was absolutely captivated - who has ever looked down and seen the full moon (OK, apart from those astronaut guys)? It was magical, all the dials spinning, I stared at it for nearly 30 minutes before it faded away.

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24 March, 2011
Magical night
Hi Willie, it must have been incredible to see the full moon from such an extraordinary perspective. It is great that you had such a rare experience to look down on it. I also love the magical silver light of a full moon. Thanks for all your wonderful updates!
22 March, 2011
Yay, Willie's back
Did you wake up and think you had gone into orbit? I know South America is happy to have ya'll back. North America waits patiently...see ya soon!
22 March, 2011
la lune
Cool to think that you were looking down on the brilliant moon as my friends and I wandered outside to look up at it before heading for the pub. Gosh it was bright!
22 March, 2011
They long to be...
That would be the peri-Chile perigee [So they sprinkled moondust in your hair]
22 March, 2011
Let her pale light in...
Yep, we had a phenomenal moonshow on Saturday night as well. Luckily, we'd booked for the theatre (on the riverside) and saw this huge pale salmon pink moon hovering above the embankment of the river. Awesome. Back on the road/wing, Willie. Thanks a million for your updates and insights. Here we go again.
21 March, 2011
Welcome to south america
good to hear (read) from you again
21 March, 2011
Exceptional Moon !
Apparently 50,000 kms closer to earth than normal - in Ontario it filled the night sky. I've missed your musings Willie - and am glad this next leg is pushing forward. Toronto is waiting !
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