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'Glove Thrown Down'

30 March 2011
'Glove Thrown Down'
Buenos Aires. Show 1.

I should have counted my blessings on the round trip to the stadium last night, because trying it with traffic during the day was significantly more traumatic. Well, that's probably overstating it but a commute of around 90 minutes each way made for a very long day.

It was a long day to remember though, with the glove of Real Thing being thrown down and everybody rising to the challenge. The band arrived at the stadium for 2pm, allowing two hours on stage before doors opened. There was some discussion in the dressing room prior to taking the stage as to what the approach would be, but then they just went out there and did it. First of all they played without the P.A. being turned on, to allow a gesture towards privacy (I was loving hearing everything with my new ‘ears’) and figure out how close to Dec's remix they could play live. The intro of the remix has the guitar riff and the drum part deliberately out of time with each other, before rationalising into a single rythmn at the huge kick in. This kind of thing is easy to do when cutting up a studio recording but playing it live is a whole other deal. Larry pointed out that if it was a drum part that was entirely new to him it would have been a lot easier, but the fact that it was so very familiar and a part that he'd played for years, to try to un-learn it and then deliberately play it out of time was a complete and utter 'head-wreck'.

However, professionalism won the day and after just a few stagger-throughs this new version of Even Better Than the Real Thing began to take shape before our very ears. The decision to play it or not was made later in the dressing room and after much discussion. Clearly the song was still in nascent form and an attempt at it this evening would be something of a busk. 'It’s our opening night in Argentina, why would we take such a high risk of egg-on-face?'. 'I guess it depends on whether you like the taste of egg...'

The rest is now history of course, as they went for it and for all its rough edges, the sheer manic energy of it got them through (that and 70,000 Argentinians going ape-shit, of course.) I was really proud of them for taking the higher-adrenalin route. Even in their position, that's still what being in a rock band is all about, surely?

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06 April, 2011
show 3
i was at the all shows in La Plata, I was in the inner circle. Everything was fantastic. but intro beautiful day en show 3 with rain it was SPECTACULAR !!! thanks U2, i waiting for you in Peru, soon !!!
05 April, 2011
Excellent intro better than beautiful da
Pse keep it for European Tour !!!! I'm laughing....!!!! No in fact it's so sad that U2 is going to stop the 360 !
04 April, 2011
Even Better Than anyone could have imagi
Playing that incredible version of EBTTRT was the most amazing way to surprise argentinians and the rest of the world! I went to the 2nd show and I`m really looking forward to hear what you have to say about the weekend in Bs As i`m watching all the videos available of that night and I wanted to tell you that what you do is something out of this world. I was in the inner circle. Everything was perfect, but I coudn´t see much of the lights and videos. I should have cloned myself and watch it from several different places at the same time. Also I spotted several crew members on sunday at 6 am...they were kind of... wasted ;-P (My regards to Finland guy) A big ¡thank you! and I hope I get to see you next time you come to South America Cecilia From Uruguay
04 April, 2011
Absolutely true
And that's why U2 is still loved for lots of people all over the world. That was just a rock' show in a hudge tour, just another country, why to take a risk? They did it, and we (in Argentina) loved that surprise, and we will remember it as a "gift" of the band. Because of these "little things" we are waiting since now the next U2 tour...
04 April, 2011
Keep it Stateside!
First, I was not at the show.. not even close, here in Oregon. But I follow this tour on a daily basis, eagerly awaiting the Seattle show in June. Having followed this tour closely, the EBTTR is by far the best concert opening, and from what I have seen on Youtube of the lighting set-up... AMAZING! My only request.. keep this for the North American leg (especially the Seattle show!), please!! I love it when a U2 opener builds on the anticipation and excitement that fans are feeling and this one does just that. I never "felt" it with Beautiful Day or Breathe, but this one seemed to nail it. Don't go backwards.. only forwards! And this one is a winner!
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