'Happy Birthday'

30 June 2011
'Happy Birthday'
Miami - Nashville.  Travel day.

Happy birthday!  Happy birthday to whom?  Happy birthday to 360, as it’s two years ago today since we played our first show in Barcelona.  I’m not quite sure what to do with that mind-melting statistic – just put it with all the other incomprehensible statistics about this tour, I suppose.

I took a commercial flight up to Nashville today, leaving the rest of the touring party in Florida.  This is partly because I consider Miami to be amongst the vilest locations on the Earth’s crust, but more particularly because I have a couple of different groups of friends in Nashville that I want to catch up with and so will value a little extra time.  The flight was fine, remarkable only in that it’s the first (and hopefully last) flight that I’ve ever been on where the airline managed to lose 100% of the luggage.  Apparently a conveyer belt broke in Miami, or some such calamity, so not a single bag made it onto the aeroplane.  The magnitude of the combined ire of all the passengers was exceeded only by my own relief and smugness at having travelled with a single carry-on.

I'm staying with the crew at Mrs. Miggins' B&B and ironically as I arrived from the airport, some of the crew buses were just rolling up outside. The hotel has U2 as its elevator music, so I suspect it won't be long before somebody has a word. It was a beautiful warm, dry evening in Nashville and I saw my friends, whilst enjoying a wonderful home-cooked dinner in a civilian home, outdoors on their screened porch.  We all went for a stroll afterwards as darkness fell and watched fireflies dance.  Welcome to the South.

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11 July, 2011
Turn down the lights....
good question mate...willie?
10 July, 2011
Sounds like
Welcome home. Even I feel relief for you getting to eat a home-cooked meal to be shared with kith and kin. YAY for you ... and a stroll to boot.
08 July, 2011
Turn down the lights Willie Williams
after 2 years of being told to turn down the lights at the beginning of Moment of Surrender, have you not spotted a trend emerging?
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