'I settled for the comedy severed leg...'

12 September 2009
'I settled for the comedy severed leg...'
Saturday 12th September 2009. Chicago. Show 1.

Mid afternoon in the dressing room, Adam commented that it was rather a strange sensation to be opening an American tour with a show that was already together. We have come to associate opening nights in the U.S. with a sense of impending shambles, so this was a bit of a treat.

We got ourselves successfully launched, though the other side of the coin of opening in Europe (especially southern Europe) is that by comparison the U.S. crowds tend to be a little more reserved. Clearly though, the Chicago audience was having a good time and we did pretty well too, even if I do say so myself.

After the show we had a party at the House of Blues. This was (please god) the final fling of my absurdly extended birthday season, which Bono instigated way back in Sheffield. U2's monitor engineer Dave was born the day after me, so we shared the event and had a great time. The place closed at 3.30am so we knew that things wouldn't get too out of hand, being a school night and all. Well, that was the plan but Saturday night in Chicago proved to be too much of a draw for us to go home to bed and we ended up heading on to some nightclub. It was a big space, playing very deconstructed music to a packed dance floor. There was something intriguingly odd about the place though, which I found quite appealing, not being much of a club guy, as a rule. Apparently there was a certain amount of podium dancing involved, but happily I don't seem to have any recollection of it.

It got very late and eventually when we poured out of the place there was a move to go on elsewhere. Alex and I managed to dodge the draft and sensibly set about walking back to the hotel, which was about 15 minutes away. We were both in a state of extreme non-sobriety so it took us about 20 minutes to realise that all the while we'd been walking in entirely the wrong direction. Gutted. We'd arrived by a 24 hour Walgreens, which had a large sign outside advertising 'Flu Shots Now Available' so we decided we go in and see if they really were and if we could get one at 5am ('We’ve done everything else, may as well get a flu-shot chaser'). It'll come as no surprise to hear that the flu-jab service wasn't available 24 hours, so by way of consolation Alex says 'OK, we've got five minutes to see who can buy the most bizarre item.' With Hallowe'en approaching we were spoiled for choice, but I settled for the comedy severed leg (which was a bargain at only $3.99) and we were on our way.

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17 September, 2009
uh nevermind
I found out who scared you, you! haha great story I wish I would have thought about going out, but I was already wasted, and I can tell by my mystery bruises. I even had one up to my wait right next to my lemon tattoo. fantastic. my man said I said it was so awesome about 20times don't you just love alcohol?
17 September, 2009
Those days not forgotten,nor missed
My head is splitting just hearing your story; what a night. Does u2 partake in all this drinking while touring? Anyhow, glad you all had a great time in our wonderful city of Chicago. We all had such a fantastic time at your 2 night performances you all provided. I must admit, I was really quite sad (near tears) when Bono said Thank you before he and the boys left the stage. I did not go clubbing afterwards, but instead my girlfriend and I drove back home to the suburbs (and they dont call them the "sleepy community" for nothing-no stores or gathering places open,everyone's lights are off and our U2 music seems to play with anguish that our time with U2 is over. My husband was waiting up for me and greeted me with crablegs from the world renown Chinn's. I looked up at his sleepy eyes and told him it isnt fair that I have been in love with Bono for 21 years, but I have never met him. My sweet husband just laughed and said "I guess thats the same for most of his female fans." Hmmm, I guess he figures all is aok since Bono is so far out of reach, but it doesnt stop my obsession with anything u2 or Bono related. You are so lucky to be at one with U2. Any chance of a job opening for a love struck housewife from the burbs of chicago??
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