In Denver

17 April 2005
In Denver
My body is in Denver, but my head is firmly in Europe. The first round of budgeting was enough to demonstrate that I was going to have to have another look at the proposed outdoor show which we will be presenting to the good Zooropeans in June. I locked myself up for the day with The Big Drawing Pad and a pack of coloured Sharpies, which is generally the way I tend to go about these things.

Bruce (lighting director) and Smasher (video director) came by at various intervals to share their wisdom and check that I hadn't made too many obvious howling errors. I'm pleased with the progress so far and am beginning to get a pretty good picture of what the outdoor show might be like. The next part of the equation is to draw everything up in a format that can go to the video and lighting suppliers for confirmation and final budgeting. It's a lot to get done in peace time, never mind on the road, plus there are a couple of video shoots slated for the next couple of weeks, so there's no sign of a drop in pace any time soon.

Smasher and I ended up talking to each other on Skype' till about 3.30am. Skype is an amazing thing - it's internet telephony, which essentially allows you talk to your computer and have your friend's voice come back out of it. Oh, and its free. We were working on the European video system which is on the verge of being built, so there are a million things we need to go through with the Belgians who are going to construct it. They get up about 1am our time, so what could be more convenient? Using Skype makes you feel like the other person (or people) are in the room with you, somewhere out of sight, but within earshot. Very weird, but incredibly convenient, saving lugging computer gear from one hotel room to another. By 3am I was feeling the need for some shut-eye, but it was worth pressing ahead as good decisions at this stage will make life much sweeter when we are standing in a field in Belgium six short weeks from now.

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