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'Information Overload'

18 November 2010
'Information Overload'
Travel day.  London to Auckland (day 1)

Back in the saddle as Team 360 reassembles itself from all corners of the globe.  My flight wasn€™t until 21.45, so happily I had the whole day available before heading to Heathrow.

I had some work to do, still editing with Luke, and  Run Wrake  also came to the studio so we could copy the various hard drives of video material for the show.  The digital age brings many blessings but perhaps a double-edged one is the ability to keep every version of every video clip we make.  Seeing that the (comparatively small) amount of video content for this tour was about to fill a 4 TB drive, Luke set about rooting through the folders to see if there was anything that we could possibly live without (the 27 versions of the 'Your Blue Room' film, for example).  I have heard the same from studio sound engineers, where every take of every song can be kept, stored, returned to if necessary.  In U2€™s case, the mind boggles.  There really is such a thing as information overload.

Got some bills paid and worked through the rest of my pre-flight 'to do' list which included laundry, renewing the van insurance, buying a book for the flight and hanging a mirrorball in a church bell tower in the City of London (it€™s something I do...)
Finally to Heathrow with that transition feeling that always accompanies days like this.  Dials spinning, stepping off the jetty.  This leg is where the travelling starts to ratchet up and it€™s a little disorientating to realise that we have almost as many shows to play as we have already played on this tour.  Still, at least I think there€™s a good chance that we€™re in the final year of the tour now.  But then you never know with this lot.

At the airport I ran into a few other tour personnel.  I rather assumed we€™d all be on the same flight, but it turns out that there are many ways to get from London to Auckland.  I€™m going via Singapore with three lampies and two video guys.  RIchie€™s flight departs and leaves about the same time as ours but he€™s going via Bangkok, on his own.  Eoin is going with Emirates through Dubai whilst Smasher heads in the polar opposite direction to New Zealand via L.A.   It€™s Steff€™s birthday.  He flew in from Belgium this morning and has been at Heathrow for most of the day, enjoying birthday drinks with many of his friends who have passed through at regular intervals.  He got to Heathrow long before I did and yet it seems I€™ll beat him to Auckland by three hours, so he must have pissed somebody off in the travel department.  Can you imagine trying to organise this lot?  A global operation indeed.

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02 December, 2010
One Day like this a year will see me rig
Catching up with your recent diary entries, I see you are feeling the effects of this tour of epic proportions. Can I just say that as a Fan on a tight budget I appreciate both the Band and your hard work. Every other U2 tour I could only afford to get to one show and then that is it for five years. Come the final show in Pittsburgh I will have seen one 360 show each year. Knowing I will see that one show a year is what gets me through the harsh winter. As Elbow say " One day like this a year will see me right. "
24 November, 2010
Mirrorball in the City of London?
Willie which church? I searched the Web and couldn't find any reference to the mirrorball installation other than yours. I'll be in the City one evening next week and I'd like to go and see it in action.
23 November, 2010
Bells to balls
Mirror ball in a church bell tower? Great idea, and arguably theologically sound. Spotlighting the faithful, rather than calling the faithful. I like it. Thanks for this bright spot on a dull day, Willie, and bon voyage!
21 November, 2010
Enjoy Willie!! They must be really efficient to organise you, sure enough!!
21 November, 2010
3 DAYS!!!
Welcome to NZ guys, now that you're here sit down and have a beer. Your hard work will pay off in 3 days!! It's going to be amazing :D Mt. Smart will lift off, no doubt about that.
21 November, 2010
Welcome to New Zealand :)
21 November, 2010
Thanks for coming, can't wait
Ah yes, that convenient 24 hour flight from London! You'll be happy to know your tireless crew have already assembled the claw here in Auckland - I drove past today and saw the "radio mast" clearing the top of the stadium.
20 November, 2010
Comedy of errors
Trying to organise everyone globally must have its comedy of errors with this lot...Hope everyone gets there safely and best wishes :)
20 November, 2010
good luck!
Hi Willie, Hope you'll have a great time Down Under! -- if anything, you've escaped the 5 to 10 degrees we have here in London -- down there it must be something like 360°, I figure. ;) Good luck to all of you guys and thanks for making us travel around with you! teresa
20 November, 2010
Always so nice reviews of "Willie's Diary ... Many details about everything and nothing ... Thank you for all these comments WILLIE. See you soon. Kisses loveandpeace83
20 November, 2010
So many hours...
very soon Heathrow - Pekin - Sydney so many hours and days..but can't wait...queueing again...hahaha
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