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'L.A. Traffic'

17 June 2011
'L.A. Traffic'
Los Angeles.  Show 1.

Woke up at 4.30am and discovered the bathtub full of cold water.  I vaguely recollect running a bath for myself last night, so I can only assume that I forgot to have it and fell asleep.

My current jetlag strategy is just to sleep when I’m tired and wake when I’m not, so I got up and pottered for a while.  Rather disappointingly it was pouring with rain, so I settled for doing a little work before eventually heading to breakfast.

It’s Friday, so the perpetually hideous L.A. traffic was at fever pitch. We’re staying in West Hollywood, as is the custom, and the gig is in Anaheim, conveniently located at the other end of the known universe.  Today’s journey, in a completely full mini-bus, took a joyous two hours and fifteen minutes, by the end of which we were self-harming in the back seat.  (How ever do people live here?)

The band came in to sound check and I also managed to get the new Miss Sarajevo video sequence loaded and programmed. This venue’s less than ideal, as there’s no seats to the rear (just an attractive faux rock-formation) and being a baseball field the side seating feels further away than we’re used to.  However, we’re nothing if not adaptable and we got through it. The debut of the children’s drawings of war for Miss Sarajevo went very well and I think just one or two little tweaks will suffice. The fog, at least, was glorious again, so I was in my own mirrorball love-fest.
By the time we got back to Hotel Fabulous my madly early start was beginning to tell, but who can resist the lure of cocktails and mini-burgers at 2 am?

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30 June, 2011
The weather is awesome 95% of the time. It makes it worth it, trust me. :)
24 June, 2011
June 17th Anaheim
Loved the show! Anaheim is not ideal but the 360 set-up made it intimate and lovely. We were at the Rose Bowl show in 2009 and I was stuck by the great difference in this performance. Lots of new visuals and back catalog songs. This was something really special. I especially loved the mandalic images of the female dancer during "Mysterious Ways". Thank you Willie! This is another high point to look back on and treasure.
23 June, 2011
loved it
and loved how U2 succeeded on night 2 in making it an intimate club. anaheim is my favorite U2 concert venue in 3 states. the sound is amazing - circular is better than oval - weather has never disappointed (which helps). efforts of crew much appreciated, i hope you know.
22 June, 2011
Loved the show! Miss Sarajevo was beautifully done. Moving. "How ever do people live here?" -- still trying to figure out how I live here
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