Leaving New York

12 October 2009
Leaving New York
Monday 12th October 2009. Dallas. Show day.

Baggage call was 10am so I did most of my packing last night. We've been in this hotel for months, it feels like, and the possibility of leaving things behind is very real so I took my time doing a couple of thorough idiot checks before heading out.

'Leaving New York never easy,' as somebody once sang and I did feel very sad to go. I'll be back of course, but I think I felt a bit of a pang at having been based here for so long and had absolutely no time to make the most of it. Not a single art museum visited, barely a purchase made, barely a sight seen.

The flight to Dallas was a good deal longer than we're used to on show day, but it did give a chance to do some work and catch up with people with whom you might normally share such extended proximity. The downside was arriving at the venue at 6.10pm for an 8.45 show, which meant it was pedal to the metal from arrival until Space Oddity.

The venue's strange. It's the new Cowboys gazillion dollar Stadium which is absolutely vast, with multi-layered bars and restaurants overlooking the field, concourses, corporate suites and a 95 million dollar video screen. It should all add up to something spectacular but it really felt like playing in the atrium of a shopping mall. The fact of the house video screen obliterating the top half of our stage didn't help, but all the same it felt pretty soulless. There was a good crowd though, so no real complaints and before we knew it we were heading back to the airport. The building did sound good though, which was a relief because it has a roof and often these enclosed metal and glass rooms sound awful.

One nice thing was receiving a random email from a U2 fan who asked if the visual environment for 'Unforgettable Fire' in our show was inspired in any way by Coventry Cathedral in the UK. As it happens it wasn't, but looking at the images of the two things you can certainly see a connection. I love it when that happens.

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23 October, 2009
the sound
Sound was Perfect down low where I was, just as good as Soldier Field. Muse was amazing! U2 as well,of course! Drove 15 hours and was not let down!
23 October, 2009
Crazy impressive...must look like a colony of ants working to get the show together... Sounds like you could use a good stretch...Houston was beyond elevation...thanks for the effort...much appreciated : )..
22 October, 2009
Getting Ready in Las Vegas
Drove out to Sam Boyd Stadium this afternoon to take a peek at the Claw. The Stadium is bustling with workers getting the stage ready. This is my third time seeing U2 at Sam Boyd. The 1992 ZOO Tv Outside Broadcast Tour, PopMart in 1997, and 2009 360 Tour. The weather is perfect and I can't wait for the show.
22 October, 2009
Sound was not good at the top
The sound in the stadium was HORRIBLE at the top. The lower you went the better it got. I would suggest u2 not play any domed stadiums in the future unless they can guarantee the roof will be open. The show was as good as usual (been to 5 others) but the sound was almost intolerable.
22 October, 2009
Crazy Similarity!
That guy was right! The Unforgettable Fire screen and that coventry cathedral look incredibly similar! I'll bet the Coventry Cathedral isn't near as cool to see as a U2 concert! God bless . . . .
22 October, 2009
Dallas to Oklahoma
Met up with some people who saw the show in Dallas and were very disappointed in the sound. THEY WERE THRILLED with the show in Norman, and oh so glad they had another chance at the show. THANKS WILLIE, for keeping us posted. Going to miss this soonQ
22 October, 2009
Open the roof Jerry
I recently touched based with friend who saw the U2 concert in Dallas, I met up with him shortly after the houston show, the houston show rocked!!!! according to my friend the dallas show had horrible acoustics toward the top, he pretty much sat in the same area in houston show, by far the houston show was 100% better in the sound quality. The only he could think of was the fact that relant stadium had the roof open. Regardless of the sound we all still love U2, Willie if you could please tell bono and the boys thanks for Ultra violet that was our wedding song my wife and myself love that song, hey if you and the lads ever want to go offshore in the gulf of mexico I got a 38' vessel that can accomadate all of us (just no glass containers) down at south padre island trip is on me!!!!
22 October, 2009
Please come back to Fort Worth or Dallas
I just wanted to apologize on behalf of Jerry Jones who I affectionately refer to as Schmegle (get it -from "The Lord of the Rings"). I was in the 200 section. I invited several people and we all were so inspired as we always are by your SOUND and message. "Jerry World" should have opened the roof maybe even a few feet to let the sound escape and fans in the nose bleed sections could hear how awesome the four of you are. AWESOME CONCERT! AWESOME MESSAGE! Thank you for GRACING us with your presence in Texas.
22 October, 2009
Willie--The show was amazing in Dallas. I was the girl that was 8 months pregnant in the inner circle--I loved every minute of it. I have been a HARD core u2'er for 15 years now---and I am only 28. You all did an fabulous job for the show---thank you for all that you do! And tell Bono thank you for acknowledging me and rubbing his belly and singing. I had a sign that I held up the entire concert stating "8 months pregnant" and "my baby's first u2 show". It was the best!
22 October, 2009
Willie! Were we on the same planet!!!!
I came from Dublin Ireland to see U2 in Dallas with my brother. We met another brother who flew in from San Francisco for the concert. We were sitting in the 400 section and the sound was dreadful! In fact it was worse than dreadful it was shocking due to the very poor acoustics in that building. I had been to Croker in Dublin for 2 concerts in July and the sound was great.Tell the lads that if they are gonna play such big indoor areana's that they make sure they are able to take the sound. As you say in your blog "The building did sound good though" Are you for real??? May be it was ok down stairs but up high it was brutal. I had been looking forward to the gig since Aug when we organised to go over to Dallas to see them - What a let down!!
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