POPMART Leg 1: 1997, North America


Load in: Boston - Fleet Center

I drove back from Hartford to Boston this morning through the glorious Massachusetts scenery, which looked so much nicer in blazing sunshine rather than during Saturday's monsoon. Little wonder the Bee Gees were inspired to poetry all those years ago. Headed into the venue, as we are loading in a day early in preparation for the Big Video Shoot tomorrow and Wednesday.

Due to the optics of the human eye being vastly more advanced than that of even the most sophisticated camera, when you go to put a live show on television there is great deal of modification required. In short, if you put a bright object like, say, a spotlit rock star, in front of a much dimmer object like an audience lit only by projected patterns, the human eye can compensate and understand what its seeing. A camera, however, will see only the rock star against an apparently black background, which is not going to be overly interesting to a TV viewer. On the other hand, something like our video wall appears so bright on camera that on video it looks like there's a medium sized nuclear reactor sitting at the back of the stage. Consequently the aim of the game is to even out the light levels across the viewing field of the cameras which, in a nutshell, means dimming the level on stage and pointing a lot more lights at the audience.

Down at the gig it was all a bit of a to-do with masses of extra equipment everywhere and more cameras than you could shake a stick at. There's even a little bit of room left to squeeze the audience in around it all too. I'm sure it'll all be glorious on the night.

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