U2360° TOUR Leg 3: 2011


London - Chicago

Argleblarf. So the nation wakes to a third term of Tony Blair, assuming he doesnt throw himself on his sword before the end of this run. Tonys Triumph! screams one headline, Blair Kicked in the Teeth! screams another. Theres nothing like objective journalism to start your day (and in Britain, theres nothing like objective journalism.)

Managing to remain reasonably unaffected by global politics I nipped out to pick up the dry cleaning, finished packing, downed some scrambled eggs and headed out the front door to Heathrow.

The past couple of days have been a bit of a run around getting ready for the forthcoming video shoot and the European tour, whilst simultaneously making sure that my domestic affairs are in suitable shape to be ignored for another month. The cats looking a bit skinny, but other than that all seems like it will survive.

Flight was fine and seemed brief compared to the West Coast hauls weve been doing. The change of month means new movies on board BA flights. Its sad that I would even know this and quite pathetic that Im excited about the improvement in quality of life that it affords.

Got into Chicago and jumped in a cab downtown. It was Friday rush hour so it was a crawl, over an hour, which added to my general daze. Got into the hotel which is one of my favourites on the planet and sank in to the bath when Bono called. Weve been playing phone tag for a few days so were at last able to catch up. Later that night, Bruce, Smasher and I rendezvous for dinner and I updated them with the latest version of the plan. With all the new pieces, changes and updates, weve got a lot to do tomorrow besides loading in and doing a show.

The Bulls lost to the Wizards, so Chicago is depressed but we are privately relieved as it means we dont have to load out on Sunday, and thereby knacker our video shoot. I cant remember ever having shown this much interest in a sporting event in my life. Except perhaps going to see Pele play in a friendly against Sheffield Wednesday when I was about eleven. And that was only because we got the afternoon off school if we went.

By 11pm I was toast so gave in to the jet lag. Itll be a long day tomorrow so I may as well get an early night.

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