POPMART Leg 1: 1997, North America



Rabbits. Much of the day was taken up with getting ready for Live 8 tomorrow. U2 are performing four songs and my main task is to organise the video backdrops for each one. Run Wrake, who has made material for the Vertigo tour and also for PopMart, has been assembling an updated version of Peter Blakes Sgt. Pepper album cover with a crowd of animated famous faces. He sent a test rendering over this morning which looked very promising. Our editor, Luke, from the Brussels rehearsals (which already feel a lifetime ago) was reformatting some of the other video material from the Vertigo show to work in this new context and that too seemed to be coming together OK. Its incredible the speed that these guys can work at. Luke dislocated his ankle at the weekend, so started working on his video edits yesterday on a laptop in a hospital bed. Dedication indeed.

I realised that I was going to have to spend a little while repacking for the week ahead and somehow sorting out the laundry after the spectacular exploding home washer situation last night. (The shop downstairs isnt going to sue for damages, by the way, so that at least is a bonus.) I ran around for a while and got myself sorted out. By nightfall I was pretty much ready to rock again and all the video pieces were complete and had been shipped up to Hyde Park. Bracing ourselves for tomorrow.

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