23 September 2010
Brussels.  Show day.

I€™ll confess that over the past while I have been wondering if the increasing pain of the morning after could ever justify a big night out.  As the years flit by I had wondered if my raving days were perhaps drawing to a close but I have recently made a rather wonderful discovery that has reenergised my night life.  I€™m realising that I can either go out drinking or stay up late.  Either one in isolation is absolutely fine, as far as recovery goes.  If it€™s one of those three-bottles-of-wine-between-two nights, I€™ll be OK if I get to bed by midnight.  On the other hand, it€™s fine to stay up til 4am as long as I€™m not drinking, as was the case last night.  It turned into a very late night but I made a point of only having a couple of those €˜children€™s beer€™ sized glasses that the Belgians do and I felt right as rain this morning.  I actually felt a little smug upon arriving at the gig and seeing much of the crew in various states of damage and aftershock.

Yesterday's good weather seems to have deserted us and a steady drizzle had settled in by the time the band came in to sound check.  We thought we might get another brand new song in the show tonight, but in the end we were defeated by the elements, cold and damp not being conducive to outdoor creative breakthroughs.

Frank DeWinne, the astronaut featured in the video element of In A Little While came to the show (yet another Belgian) and I was also delighted to see Walter Van Beirendonck & Dirk van Saene who designed the band clothing for the PopMart tour.

Besides the harvest moon and the equinox, the event celebrated tonight was the anniversary of Joe O€™Herlihy first mixing U2€™s live sounds at the Arcadia in Cork, a staggering 32 years ago this very day.  Some of the numbers involved in U2 statistics these days are a little mind-bending, to the point of being incomprehensible.

After the show I joined the €˜runner€™ back to Nice, which is something I haven€™t done for a while (since before Helsinki, in fact).  I€™d forgotten how grueling it is to arrive at 4am & sort out bags, etc., before falling into bed.  I was amused though to see that the staff at the Hotel IKEA had carefully placed in my room an opened box of teabags that I€™d left behind on my last check out five weeks ago.  There€™s service for you.

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05 October, 2010
A cup of tea, a bex an' a lie down
It never ceases to amaze that your new found wisdom will only be transitory as it is easily forgotten in the haze of fun which invariably arises on such ocassions as this. That is, I am sure you'bb have a hangover soon and will rue ignoring your own sage advice)
05 October, 2010
Atmospheric re-entry
So true. The evaporation of youth results in a delicate reduction sauce.
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